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Teen Vogue

"If just one person can be healed or consoled through our music, I think that’s great." –Beomgyu 💜 @TXT_members… https://t.co/DrLQHWdKpa


1 day ago

BBC News (World)

"The glove or mask that you take off and casually disregard... could easily be the glove or mask that kills a whale… https://t.co/1O7w8c55ql


18 hours ago

Auschwitz Memorial

8 July 1942 | A German company Schlesische Industriebau Lenz & Co installed doors inside Bunker II - the 2nd gas ch… https://t.co/aueVvC9jfo


16 hours ago

Boogie Underground

RT @TudorTweep: Sails on the horizon... Elizabeth #Tudor and England are about to face the wrath of the Spanish Armada Invincible £1.99 o…


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B. W. Carlin

If Kiss Me Thru the Phone had come out during Coronavirus it would’ve been the #1 song in the history of music


1 day ago

西友 Seiyu

\毎日当たる!  西友サニー公式Twitterフォロー&a- mp;RTキャンペーン/ フォロー&RTで「Google Play ギフトコード 500円分」が 毎日100名様に当たる‼ 結果はその場です- ぐわかる‼ 📢参加方法 ①… https://t.co/EQbo2vZNkP


1 day ago

Ryan Fournier

I just deleted TikTok off my phone. You should too. China is using the app to spy on American citizens and track their information.


1 day ago


Field General Court -Pak military is supreme. Military is supreme power in Pakistan. No democracy !! Military can t… https://t.co/XG7YDRVWzd


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RT @reginajayee: Why would my phone ring if I’m with the only person that calls 🌚


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