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minimal windows

#minimal windows #slidingglassdoors create two glass elevations with #movingglasspanels in this… https://t.co/SjQDUI94M5


7 hours ago

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Olena Halushka

Photos from #Mariupol are horrible. Ppl are suffering in their homes as windows have no glass & night temperature f… https://t.co/FlDCwWj9eU


1 day ago

nelson chamisa

WRONG LEADERS USUALLY HAVE WRONG PRIORITIES..The role of a government is to address citizens’ most urgent and perti… https://t.co/UzEx2IKwnm


1 day ago

Andrew Gazdecki

Friendly reminder your job as CEO of a startup is to recruit a team of generalists to build and then recruit a team of specialists to scale.


1 day ago

Barbara Hunter

I sew. Is there any way I can help make your daughter's replacement costume in time? https://t.co/jW9TR3otgF


just now

Chelsea Barr

@canadaposthelps Does this mean the mail coming from bc will be late coming to Manitoba too ? Cause I’m waiting on… https://t.co/mnFBs9kv3R


just now

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