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Ajit Johnson

By treating tomato leaves with a newly discovered and naturally occurring chemical called N-hydroxy-pipecolic acid… https://t.co/yUunFRRgZ5


18 hours ago

Climate Reality

We trust science, and so should you. https://t.co/1ksR9n7vDj


1 day ago

Derek Lowe

If you're going to argue against the biopharma companies on drug pricing, you need to get up to speed on the argume… https://t.co/ZK11NomGaf


18 hours ago

Chintan ચિંતન

RT @LevinaNeythiri: Adding an article from a science magazine forreference— Discovery of DENISOVANS>>> https://t.co/mqngwwjq4e


just now

Claude Gillono

RT @jjhublin: Origin of speech: Boë and collaborators revisit the laryngeal descent theory and push back dawn of language among non-human P…


just now

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The O Project Institute

AAAS Announces Leading Scientists Elected as 2019 Fellows | American Association for the Advancement of Science https://t.co/oXOT3U61m0


36 minutes ago

Anthony Hessel

RT @LOrealUSA: Calling all #womeninscience! We're excited to announce that applications are now open for our 2020 For Women In Science fell…


47 minutes ago


RT @crazyjane125: These mysterious Egyptian head cones actually existed, grave find reveals | Science | AAAS ⁦@CannaFrom⁩ https://t.co/Ci…


1 hour ago

🇬🇧🌍✊Jane Hinchliffe 💚🌿🖖PartShadowBanned🤐

These mysterious Egyptian head cones actually existed, grave find reveals | Science | AAAS ⁦@CannaFrom⁩ https://t.co/Ci56dxIStB


1 hour ago

Li-ion Battery NEWS from Radenite

AI-driven robots are making new materials, improving solar cells and other technologies | Science | AAAS - https://t.co/m5OETjTad7


1 hour ago

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