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News from Science

Why do zebras have stripes? A new study suggests it may have to do with fending off flies that often carry fatal d… https://t.co/niFvzQVerx


1 day ago

Eric Topol

It's not so simple to have an "accurate" #AI algorithm for clinical implementation. In this week's @sciencemagazine… https://t.co/vRp7odudb7


9 hours ago

News from Science

The world’s biggest bee, which has been presumed extinct more than once, has been found again in the wild, accordin… https://t.co/B63QS8tLqk


8 hours ago


デカン・トラップをもたらした火山の噴火は大規模でなく、その- 90%超は100万年前より前でK-Pg境界の後が~75%。- 白亜紀後期は噴火の規模が小さく、この時期の気候変動を噴火で- 説明するのは無理がある。The eruptive tem… https://t.co/92OwqGsQ9o


just now

Pam Baker

RT @hyounpark: Scientists have created DNA with 4 add'l synthetic bases, which increases the information density of DNA for potential synth…


4 seconds ago

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Cuban Embassy in US

AAAS’ Satellite Panel “Sonic attacks in #Havana: Review of Science & Media Coverage: Parsing facts” took place at t… https://t.co/tMFYVPR0r5


5 hours ago

Gary Ruskin

With #Monsanto and #Glyphosate on the Run, @AAAS Revokes Award to Scientists Whose Studies Led to Ban on Weedkiller… https://t.co/AvDopYBas7


3 days ago


RT @DrJimminy: AAAS: Machine learning 'causing science crisis' https://t.co/wPmGYtUd4V


21 minutes ago

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