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Scientific American

Birds are heading north before their insect prey emerge. Bees are missing out on early blossoms. Ticks and other pe… https://t.co/znAcWiJGSx


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Scientific American

Early signs of spring may be welcome to humans, but off-schedule springs can have devastating ecological impacts, f… https://t.co/0R01X0Zf8A


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Scientific American

Maria Agnesi was the first woman to write a mathematics textbook and to be appointed to a university chair in math.… https://t.co/fTs3HdL44y


12 hours ago

Gianna Patton-JudgeⓋ

RT @TRyanGregory: On average, mammal species last about 1 million years. Humans have existed for about 1/3 of that so far. Based on how we'…


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Nature & Environment

Environmental and Indigenous Groups Sue over Willow Oil-Drilling Project #environment via: @sciam https://t.co/LmyXRUIlnY


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/ ✨2日目✨ #原神 Ver.3.5アプデ 記念キャンペーン!第4弾 \ 3月- 28日(火)23:59まで毎日チャレンジ! 原神グッズやA- mazonギフト10000円分が その場で当たるチャンス!- ✅参加方法 ①… https://t.co/9SoqRw4VZa


19 hours ago

Kari Lake

Take every square inch of American Farmland away from China immediately.


12 hours ago


🎁フォロー&RTプレゼントキャンペーン🎁 / A- mazonギフトカード5000円分が3名様に当たる! \ - ■応募方法 ① @news_mynavi_jp をフォロー ② このツイートをリツイート ■締め切り 2023年4月1… https://t.co/bryt1XkqRG


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Indie Book Spotlight

RT @NJBoden: @VGC_News Just when I think the writing can’t get more soulless they get something without a soul to do the writing. https://t…


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