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Ann Coulter

So by pulling out of the Paris Accords, Trump SAVED the planet! https://t.co/RR1qmJrHsk


12 hours ago

March for Science

The project, called the Silencing Science Tracker, has so far assembled 96 entries of federal restrictions or prohi… https://t.co/13x9BRMmV7


1 day ago

Scientific American

“If DACA expires, there’s no way I can finish my PhD. I would lose everything.” https://t.co/gsnwH9NEpl


22 hours ago


RT @WeTrustPlatform: WeTrust Advisor Emi Gün Sirer is profiled in this must-read on the future of cryptocurrencies. @el33th4xor @sciam #cry…


2 seconds ago

Neeshad V S

Cleaning Up #AirPollution May Strengthen #GlobalWarming. New research is helping quantify just how big that effect… https://t.co/rh05HdxRbf


28 seconds ago

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Donald Trump Jr.

Americans don’t forget that the #SchumerShutdown put illegal immigrants ahead of our military and American children… https://t.co/hAHzK1aYyd


17 hours ago


.@Camila_Cabello is the first artist to notch her first week atop BOTH the Billboard 200 albums chart and #Hot100 s… https://t.co/Rq8mckgpkB


23 hours ago

Kenneth R. Hoefle

RT @JohnFromCranber: Change The Demographics, Change Who Rules. illegals Are All About Chging The American Voter Base Into an Electorate Mo…


just now

The Barker

RT @blackfilm: Mary J. Blige is the sixth African American female recording artist to be Oscar nominated for acting, joining Ethel Waters,…


just now

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