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a squirrel fell out of a tree right in front of me and died on the way to class how was ur monday??


19 minutes ago

Squirrel Noodle!

RT @online_shawn: If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the Netflix menu four times in a row without choosing anything it unlocks live…


24 minutes ago

Mr. Spacely

Idk what we’d do without the squirrel hill tunnels...hands down the quickest and most convenient way in and out of the city


1 hour ago

Allen Stallings

RT @GAFollowers: The way Julio snatched this you can tell it was out of pure frustration. https://t.co/JSpS928dLB


3 hours ago

Leek 😛

Why this squirrel ran right in front of me and ain’t wanna move out the way


5 hours ago

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BBC Earth

It's looking decidedly autumnal at the red squirrel site #EarthCapture by @highland_andy https://t.co/6S9QYUItG6


2 hours ago


In this comic, Squirrel Girl author Ryan North faces the dark truth about Elmer Fudd. https://t.co/8YL6WrsWkw https://t.co/AjeEwm6UBR


1 day ago

CBC News

Calgary woodcarver crafts stunning home for squirrel family https://t.co/wj0c9vl7jP https://t.co/vO28ttyBnu


11 hours ago

Keith Moore

RT @Chanman9842: S/O to the squirrel that threw his acorn at my head this morning


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