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Shojo Beat

"It says something about the enduring appeal of Skip Beat! that even though I have stacks of shoujo to read, whenev… https://t.co/oK72448GtK


12 hours ago

JoJo@FF XIVヽ(*゚д゚)ノ

@Shoujo_Shark Thank youuu 😭✨ I only hope I'll be able to finish them in time, mostly because we need to hand in our… https://t.co/G4gL7qvILl


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無料ガチャ大勝利いいぃ〜! #マギレコ #マギレコ勢と繋がりたい https://t.co/dAQY7EL7Ae


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Eri Shark

RT @SuperGroupiesEN: Introducing our new product lineup from #Persona5 collaboration series. These Ren Amamiya and Velvet Room inspired her…


1 minute ago

Eri Shark

@elxJoJo *sends help* think about the accomplishment you will feel when everything is over!!! :'D 💪🏻✨✨


2 minutes ago

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Colin Cowherd

The Sean McVay genius card has expired.


1 day ago

Caroline Lucas

Comments by @MichaelGove in @TheTimes on free movement are shameful We are not made “less safe” by EU citizens who… https://t.co/6G1E3mrIOT


23 hours ago

Kate Starbird

This is the 1st graph we published about the “White Helmets” — revealing website/domain connections thru user co-sh… https://t.co/NRYNlHGGPk


14 hours ago

Susie Coll

The War Art of Paul Nash (1917–1944) – The Public Domain Review https://t.co/5vXLxL4JxV


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The Website Shop

Need a new website for your Business? Our typical package is £150 upfront and £50 per month to have us manage your… https://t.co/GYhogSMCi0


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