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Eri Shark ⚰️@Eribalmer

Me at first: why do people care so much about Naib he looks average to me Me now: I would die for this young man


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yukari @ you are not immune to the shuake

@Shoujo_Shark i'm still screaming about pq2 since i'm currently playing it, and i'll be back for royal, but like...… https://t.co/720FWGmZAm


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🌗 Shouchan ☀

RT @katsmuki: Giving us Shoujo Bakugou and Todoroki then the jazzed up dance scene, with them wearing 80s disco outfits. Bones, what is y…


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RT @femmeduart: iridescent velvet dress https://t.co/buwXYtQpNE


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Adrian Wojnarowski

Irving replaces Pau Gasol as a Vice President of the NBPA. Gasol’s three-year term expired. https://t.co/KS7mSIkhli


20 hours ago

Dr.Omkar Rai

It's a proud moment to witness the soft launch of #STPIIMAGE, address the industry fraternity & #startups & share m… https://t.co/1FtiFzXrqu


1 day ago

Louise Milligan

I can report that some #StKevins parents who were upset about our decision to cover their school for @4corners have… https://t.co/hk3RQTcrXg


1 day ago

John Bernstein

RT @johnbernstein7: https://t.co/WrPiTBuu6T


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Tammy Johnson

@MorikamiPark writing about reading Astronomy domain - content knowledge and volume & stamina in writing First Grad… https://t.co/1c2guLHMFB


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