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Fufu ~ why can't i hibernate?

@hzlkx This confuses me to no end like god This ship is painfully vanilla (in a good way obvs) but feets like not s… https://t.co/HUXjZFwG8S


32 minutes ago


@Peper0v0 ahh the mites, right? they're fine to me because for some reason they look more like scorpions the yarzons make me squicky though


5 hours ago

Dr. Izixs says 'Let us build a better tomorrow!'

@matrioshkadog I'll endorse this. Though... be aware that tis some squicky moments.


11 hours ago

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"It's good as an artist to always remember to see things in a new, weird way." -#TimBurton 📸: Eugene Hsu •Contact… https://t.co/gKAQkslh0x


1 day ago


RT @yashar: What a wild two weeks for our country but especially for people like Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman. On Jan 6, he put…


3 days ago

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