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Aeris Meechan

I won't specify because squicky info but I really badly injured my thumb and hate myself over it.


4 minutes ago

☄️ Chihuahua Rocks ☄️

Bringing this up, is that I get it. I get being uncomfortable with certain things because maybe it doesn't reflect… https://t.co/w3VKu0Cn5j


4 hours ago


RT @m20711782: @AquaLucky_7 this is me too, i don’t even ship axel/roxas like that but the ppl who do DO NOT deserve any form of harassment…


10 hours ago

*toosie slide plays*

@AquaLucky_7 this is me too, i don’t even ship axel/roxas like that but the ppl who do DO NOT deserve any form of h… https://t.co/quxiMXTL7Q


10 hours ago

Devil Book Corruptions

I decided to squeeze a second review in. This one is of the story Entity, by the author Twisted. If you enjoy Organ… https://t.co/8RRohQr3m3


10 hours ago

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Joyce Alene

Interesting point, @Eugene_Robinson telling @AriMelber just now it will be up to us to decide when the country reop… https://t.co/kOnw8fpwBO


13 hours ago

Eugene Scott

“As an African American man, I have to be cognizant of the things I do and where I go, so appearances matter. I hav… https://t.co/ZE1hDoh1xT


1 day ago

Eugene Robinson

Trump might want to get a head start on packing his bags https://t.co/iILVUCxnEu


15 hours ago


RT @3xmor: https://t.co/3sb0tMge6w


just now

Lucas 8==✊🏻==D 👄

RT @MiguelTanFelix: Lance Cheng DM @Eugene_Bosera https://t.co/JUWZ4J3prz


just now

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