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Tinkerfloof Merplöf

@ReadingRidley It's good information and education. Share whatever detail you're comfortable with. If it gets squic… https://t.co/OPQjXX2VFN


2 hours ago


I mean,I'm glad for Jungshin but that's just squicky. Augh.


2 hours ago

Sandy Lawson

@JoyAnnReid Totally. Clearly he thinks that Stormy is a "hot piece of ass" just as views Ivanka. #Squicky


4 hours ago

Ashley Steves

I have a recommendation to see a new specialist, which I'm squicky about because, lol, I'm sure weight will come into play again. Forever.


4 hours ago

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Eugene Scott

"Trump’s approval among black Americans fell nine points from January to December. Rather than doubling, his approv… https://t.co/whSohFi5rE


1 day ago

Eugene Scott

Gallup: Trump's approval rating with black voters is 6 percent https://t.co/e9J2ztYysr https://t.co/f0ycBbaXvZ


1 day ago


"To have a democracy, we have to have a chronicle of events we can agree on and an encyclopedia of facts ... but he… https://t.co/vGBKP0y3Dh


7 hours ago

Kram Hpesoj💎

Takaw namin ni Eugene ... 😂😂😂


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