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@smorcrisis ok dah im squicky kleen


1 hour ago

GSV It Was Like That When I Got Here

@lasophus It's viscerally squicky in parts and I haven't figured out what I make of the natal politics but it's twi… https://t.co/qLx0TKLgzz


1 hour ago

Uppity Queen Bravenak Wonderbitch Reborn

RT @kathleen1carson: @MindyMendelsoh1 @BravenakBlog Biden is definitely a mixed bag. Just imagine how all his squicky touching of women wou…


9 hours ago

Supposed to be writing...

@MindyMendelsoh1 @BravenakBlog Biden is definitely a mixed bag. Just imagine how all his squicky touching of women… https://t.co/PY9mCQH1w2


9 hours ago

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Eugene Robinson

Opinion | The ‘DO NOT CONGRATULATE’ leak shows the White House is panicking https://t.co/h8hGG05Zvz


16 hours ago

Peter Jamison

"The number of children who have been shaken by gunfire in the places they go to learn exceeds the population of Eu… https://t.co/CcKQUU0AvZ


22 hours ago

Matt Haig

Not fitting in is a feeling as much as a reality. I've always felt 'I will always be a stranger who never feels at… https://t.co/XRd2gfLrrk


1 day ago

just now


@GREG65826260 @hsu_steve @JamesPsychol @gcochran99 You still don't get it.


just now

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