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David Roberts

Here, Monbiot articulates the main reason I find the focus on personal carbon behavior so ... squicky. https://t.co/yLRK5HcEoo


1 week ago

Tricia TR

There is a young child I know who is having an ish with blackheads and I don’t know how to help. This child is rely… https://t.co/vsUWEICq4i


33 minutes ago


@ntsikimazwai Im into Eric Donaldson my goodness that thin squicky voice 😂😂


2 hours ago

Sharp Sarah Jane

OMG I forgot Thirteen and the TARDIS. ❤️ I never shipped Doctor and TARDIS with male Doctors as it felt a bit squic… https://t.co/NL5btb4CFn


4 hours ago

Kitty Pryde

@ofsidekickisms / I suppose legality would depend on location and age of the Peter in question. The US is a strange… https://t.co/UTFaDv4jyS


5 hours ago

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Eugene Scott

“This man owed $134 in property taxes. The District sold the lien to an investor who foreclosed on his $197,000 hou… https://t.co/3qpy7QWvgg


2 days ago

Eugene Scott

*stares in Jimmy Carter (who had to sell his peanut farm ...) https://t.co/XN7B0X1mP4


1 day ago

Decca Classics

Today would have been the great Dmitri Hvorostovsky's 57th birthday. Here he is, singing one of his signature roles… https://t.co/yJ3Hpd6HF9


1 day ago

Kairos Partnerships

RT @jr_briggs: If you're looking to re-engage with Scripture in a fresh way, consider this resource which combines Lectio Divina and The Me…


just now

Union-Bulletin News

Tickets are on sale for Walla Walla Symphony’s two performances of “Swan Lake,” at 2 and 7 p.m. Sunday at Cordiner… https://t.co/PYs7SAEiQL


just now

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