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Anthony Furey

The Information Commissioner has launched an investigation into the finance department's refusal to release the pro… https://t.co/Ktfo3tJLBd


11 hours ago

Candice Malcolm

#EXCLUSIVE: Source who went to high school with Alek Minassian said he was in a special-needs program, that he had… https://t.co/UEwHB96Jh0


1 day ago

Anthony Furey

The real cost of Canada's carbon tax? $35 billion per year, says expert: https://t.co/GpbcQWIpcb


1 day ago

Zoran Cukar

RT @Bird5Ca: And, Ottawa wants to send Quebec’s illegal border crossers to Toronto, who just said they are full. Another Trudeau screwup.…


31 seconds ago


RT @jkenney: Important read from @anthonyfurey: 'The real cost of Canada’s carbon tax? It’s $35 billion per year, says expert' https://t.co…


40 seconds ago

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Randy Bryce

BREAKING: Paul Ryan just fired House Chaplain Patrick Conroy after Conroy reminded Congress to think of the poor du… https://t.co/9YRWO7n06L


8 hours ago

Donald Trump Jr.

It’s always incredible to watch a cultural shift happen in real time. I respect those willing to take the lead brea… https://t.co/y0ZiJDKB1a


1 day ago

Shaun King

BREAKING: After #StephonClark was murdered by Sacramento Police, it was discovered that DA Anne Marie Schubert took… https://t.co/oeazLznDOY


1 day ago

Alister Nicholson

Plenty to dissect in the @abcgrandstand AFL prematch tonight. @JakeNiallTHEAGE will have all the news including the… https://t.co/Qg3HKvhDCo


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