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Brian Lilley

Today’s column on how the @JustinTrudeau federal government didn’t properly supply National Emergency Strategic Sto… https://t.co/SMy9lTHjuv


13 hours ago

Brian Lilley

This shortage of masks, gloves & other PPE is a self-inflicted wound. The Public Health Agency is supposed to suppl… https://t.co/p4N4BZ0w66


14 hours ago

Brian Lilley

The biggest problem with our lack of masks and PPE may be a self inflicted wound, the federal government didn’t kee… https://t.co/NQkKaWLpMu


1 day ago


RT @brianlilley: We need the truth from @JustinTrudeau and his government on where the National Emergency Strategic Stockpile of personal p…


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Toronto Sun

EDITORIAL: The great Canadian mask flip-flop https://t.co/2VxZIb4K3m https://t.co/jObR9DRx2P


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Scott Dworkin

BREAKING: Ohio lawmaker @RepGalonski says she is making a criminal referral today to the International Criminal Cou… https://t.co/zYV1bl7Efp


11 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

Joe Biden wanted the date for the Democrat National Convention moved to a later time period. Now he wants a “Virtua… https://t.co/8ILFkcZXhh


10 hours ago


RT @rhonda_harbison: @realDonaldTrump We never had "fake news" until we had a fake president. https://t.co/GUZ5DpNgeg


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💧💧💧🦠 Terry #NotABot#NotaRussianTroll Eureka

RT @SwannyQLD: “George H Bush made it to 89% only to lose the presidency to Bill Clinton. Even his son hit mid-80s after 9/11. The reality…


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