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Seth Rudetsky

Please remember! Medicare and Social Security are NOT entitlements! “I have paid for my Social Security throughout… https://t.co/fPYRt1DC7m


19 hours ago

The Salt Lake Tribune

A Utahn praises George Romney who inspired her to be an activist. Then, she explains why she's voting for Jenny Wil… https://t.co/GvTvdmEv9p


20 hours ago

The Salt Lake Tribune

"To my fellow millennials: This is not a time to feel defeated, but a time for young voters to engage." https://t.co/H4z3CCTn1d


12 hours ago

Jeff Nelson

RT @sltrib: This college student writes that Ben McAdams will keep health care affordable, while Mia Love won't https://t.co/Dmz1dycqyS


10 seconds ago

The Salt Lake Tribune

Young Catholics are urging their church to make LGBT Catholics feel welcome in a church that has often shunned them https://t.co/laLwinXLOS


1 minute ago

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Donald J. Trump

Facebook has just stated that they are setting up a system to “purge” themselves of Fake News. Does that mean CNN w… https://t.co/pCMqvwSx1Y


19 hours ago

Glenn Kessler

Going through Trump speeches to update our database. He tells audiences the opioid bill passed "very little Democra… https://t.co/MlprAPdYRP


1 day ago

Kamala Harris

In case you missed it in all the news this week: Republicans are using the deficit their tax scam caused to justify… https://t.co/y4Oq48mpxg


1 day ago


RT @sciam: "By refusing to use the titles scientists have earned, news outlets contribute to the delegitimization of expertise," writes @be…


just now


RT @BebakSawal: मोदी और अमित शाह का क़रीबी राकेश अस्थाना ख़ुद करोड़ों की रिश्वतख़ोरी में फँस गया है, सैकड़ों कॉल डिटेल Whatsapp msg है तो इ…


just now

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