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Vala Afshar

Wearing a mask in public is now an IQ test. You either believe science or you don’t.


16 hours ago

West Wing Reports

Wearing a mask should not be seen as a political statement - but an IQ test


2 days ago

Cheri Jacobus

Wearing a mask isn't a political statement. It's an IQ test. https://t.co/DDOYiY1Crt


1 week ago


I just spent an hour trying to see what my IQ would be. I did a Pre-IQ test. Got 28/50, right. Then I got the real… https://t.co/DFyBRg9ZVZ


just now


@rulvilazuardi Definisi sains nya sempit amat, maksain paradigma ilmu alam ke domain ilmu sosial, simplifikasi brut… https://t.co/dDPp7duBwf


just now

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