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Chamath Palihapitiya

Vaccine rollout is the biggest governance failure of our lifetime. It was an administrative IQ test: you had 9 mo… https://t.co/B1jGaXNIwu


6 days ago

Elizabeth Freeman

Seriously, there should have to be a basic IQ test for these people. https://t.co/kpeRRoW6vZ


48 seconds ago


@laurenboebert You are the poster child for the need to require an IQ test before running for elected office. https://t.co/QJknf4GKfF


1 minute ago

Brad W. Greenberg

@laurenboebert @laurenboebert You really failed the IQ test with that one. The Paris Climate Accord is NOT about t… https://t.co/P1dNlw4Tlz


4 minutes ago

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