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Peter Martin

The U.S. has handed over a training center, maintenance workshop and port infrastructure to the Vietnam Coast Guard… https://t.co/hdTUgbC0jX


4 days ago

Miguel Chanco

Name me one sector in #Vietnam that isn't facing a labour shortage. Challenge extended (and is in reference to this… https://t.co/RWvkf6iTS7


4 minutes ago

Vladimiro Maccari 🇮🇹🇻🇳

RT @TuttoVietnam: Le autorità vietnamite stanno lavorando per proporre l'inserimento della cucina di #Hue 🇻🇳 nella lista dei beni patrimoni…


29 minutes ago

Khang Vu

Link to article. As a kid, I used to go play in this area all the time. It was surreal to tell my American friends… https://t.co/RSzELQHcO9


30 minutes ago

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Ryn J.

สุชานันท์ อักษรนันท์ เชฟหญิงเชื้อสายไทยที่ถูกทำร้า- ยในย่านบรูคลินของนิวยอร์กให้ส- ัมภาษณ์กับวีโอเอไทยในเย็นวันพ- ุธว่า เ… https://t.co/1tLtoIJ88T


1 day ago

RTHK English News

#HongKong sees a conviction in connection with the #721YuenLongAttack, as RTHK’s Bao Choy is found guilty over her… https://t.co/QPusyViamR


1 day ago


🎫 NAVER V LIVE ▶KOR https://t.co/6rVWI5rP0i ▶ENG https://t.co/siTf5RlwyC ▶JP https://t.co/Hb33mwxcEc ▶CN(簡- )… https://t.co/n428A8X0p8


1 day ago

ᴮᴱ 단자미

RT @Kookoo_twt_: Bias của bạn sinh năm bao nhiêu? Reply 1 tấm ảnh của bias bạn xuống đây đi [🗳️| I vote for #Dynamite for #BestMusicVid…


just now

Triệu Thiên Khánh

RT @vanky2k1jav: Bà My Trùm Chim To Zalo 0355400630. #geltitan thần thánh.Bôi là to.1 lọ ít nhất tăng đc https://t.co/dF4Ho5NrmU toàn hiệu…


just now

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