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The Hindu

Farmers groups have launched a campaign calling for government intervention after PepsiCo sued four Gujarati farmer… https://t.co/2ZGZD4meCP


1 day ago

Amrita Bhinder (Chowkidar)

This is not an election just to decide Amritsar seat Joined foreign service in 1974, went to Delhi University, sch… https://t.co/Rjkx9gLjjN


1 day ago

Shivam Vij

PepsiCo sued four Gujarati farmers, asking them to pay ₹1.05 crore each as damages for ‘infringing its rights’ by g… https://t.co/daGDYT9Nfr


20 hours ago


RT @GatlaMaddy: Attack on passengers: Police order seizure of buses https://t.co/DlwyZnB6vd #Boy- cottkallada


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Seth Abramson

BREAKING NEWS: A NYT article, echoing claims made on this feed, has stated correctly—for the first time—what the Mu… https://t.co/CEvDRAD8bw


9 hours ago

Taylor Swift

WELL GUYS it's almost midnight and my new song “ME!” featuring @brendonurie of @panicatthedisco will be out. In oth… https://t.co/yM8AQy6PA9


4 hours ago

SINoALICE -シノアリス-

🎁#シノアリス #GWキャンペーン 🎁 抽選で1000名様に「サーティワン アイスクリーム レギュラーシングルギフト券」が当たる⁉️ 1⃣本アカウン- トをフォロー 2⃣このツイートをRT 3⃣アプリ内お知らせ- ページのURLをクリッ… https://t.co/93by9a8j4O


16 hours ago


Tought about @/Blckstigma? — Claimed to be a manly man, when in fact a baby boy and a verified brat. Let me live https://t.co/hUxDawHxFZ


just now


Welp, think I've reached my breaking point. I stopped at a gas station in the town I work in (approx 20 min from Le… https://t.co/bKyUvxKwCK


just now

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