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Eli Richman

Even as the generics market grows, specialty drugs have become so expensive that overall drug spending is still up… https://t.co/85IolPdvgN


16 minutes ago

MailMyStatements 🛡📬

Practicing medicine while black? Mass General doctor says she was racially profiled on Delta flight… https://t.co/Q8STvbSkZu


16 minutes ago


.@CMSGov green lights outcome-based drug payments in Michigan https://t.co/LmSZbgs- Rmr https://t.co/NLB7vZp30B


17 minutes ago

David Werry

Just over a week after LabCorp announced it would make test results available through Apple’s Health Record app, Qu… https://t.co/UYWGQHGPlM


19 minutes ago


.UHC's Paul Sterling says adding Apple Watch to its structured walking program will boost member engagement… https://t.co/ideqPky1CL


25 minutes ago

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Candace Owens

For decades, the press has been in full control of narrative. They have actively brainwashed citizens either agains… https://t.co/YJ2tBVM8ER


21 hours ago

Candace Owens

Conservative news: Michael Avenatti was just arrested for domestic violence. Liberal news: Michael Avenatti just b… https://t.co/DnbwI6Rt1L


17 hours ago


【紅白歌合戦】刀剣男士6人で会見「出陣することが出来てとて- も嬉しく思うよ」 https://t.co/dXHkwF5- 798 加州清光が代表して挨拶。また、「仲間もこの大舞台- に向けて準備しているから楽しみに待っててね」と話した。 https://t.co/mzh5nTM16J


1 day ago

trupti saha

RT @PeepingMoon: Waiting for #DeepVeer's wedding pictures? We got news for you. The first official photo of Mr & Mrs Singh are expected to…


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