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Bruce Judson Telemed

As telehealth tech explodes in use, can medicine preserve the human touch? https://t.co/ZhvBeZPGAI https://t.co/TTcT3lDBp0


27 minutes ago


#FierceMadness, Health Buzzwords: Grab a bracket and vote for the most overused buzzword of 2019!… https://t.co/IuMFUJygMM


1 hour ago

Charles Murphy, MD

Press Ganey's 6 guiding strategic, organizational principles for care transformation https://t.co/PCEUKZD8AI


1 hour ago

Nirav B. Patel, MD, JD, FCLM

RT @TheACLM: Hibiclens with every discharge! https://t.co/NUJl8NF166


2 hours ago

MailMyStatements 🛡📬

Hospitals could sustain 10% cut under Medicare public option proposals: report https://t.co/cydY8scwuo via @FierceHealth #healthcare


2 hours ago

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Gov. Mike Huckabee

Just in! CNN and BSNBC suspends all programming tonight so their FAKE NEWS goons can get falling-down drunk as… https://t.co/uOZ3JhdZ90


1 day ago

Felipe Neto

Eu não torço contra o Brasil, eu torço contra: - Fábrica de fake news; - Milícia; - Desvio de dinheiro com funcion… https://t.co/EAeICNp8UP


1 day ago

Nathan McDermott

This is horrifying. Sydney Aiello, who survived the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last y… https://t.co/NZMRm7hqlq


1 day ago

William Brooks

@AnthemRespect @JudgeJeanine @OANN this is the @Disney ifying of @foxheadlines... @OANN is a very good Replacement,… https://t.co/Oo06Ly6LhJ


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RT @guanakim: 한국 여성에게 이 모든 일은 하나의 사건이다 https://t.co/pzgNntF3HW


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