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Eric VanMeter

@colonelosu Haha comical. Nobody has “blasted” opponents consistently. And Duke just lost by 20 to a bad team. E-Vi… https://t.co/CQ778AzwWl


2 hours ago

Awesome Bible

Deuteronomy 20:1 - When y'all go to war against your enemies and you see horses, chariots and way more people than… https://t.co/LQm9QMeOV0


20 hours ago

DJ Saint

#NowPlaying Combichrist - Prince Of E-Ville (Chicago Club Mix By Accessory) #KNHC #C895 #Seattle TUNE IN AT… https://t.co/BrHfM6Untv


1 day ago

Andrea R MD

@gregdeckard Only issue, I can't drive it to our skiing lodge in E-Ville. no charger.


2 days ago

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Dan Rather

As we face a potential public health crisis, I wish we had a president who believed in science and expertise. And I… https://t.co/WEu0cqTCl7


1 day ago

ELLE Thailand

แอพพลิเคชั่นใหม่ล่าสุดที่จะพา- คุณไปใกล้ชิดกับเหล่าไอดอลมากก- ว่าเคย เปิดตัวพร้อมกับ เป๊ก-ผลิตโชค @peckpalit ไอดอลคนแรก… https://t.co/6qXHnmXBwC


9 hours ago

Laura Ingraham

“Judge Sotomayor says ‘eminent’ when she means ‘imminent,’ ‘providence’ instead of ‘province,’ ‘story of knowledge’… https://t.co/aBUWpQh5Cj


1 day ago

Tracy Coleman

Marvelous Fashion Collection In Addition To A Awesome Discount Code From Noon Online Store 🔥 In Emirates and Saudi… https://t.co/VuHN7pVyao


just now

Sierrah Steele

I need to go to the hair store ASAP. Let me know if someone wants to come with 🥺


just now