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Usha Varanasi

@sagarikaghose @Trending_India Nothing wrong inwat he said.There r better monuments in🇮🇳 much more glorious than Ta… https://t.co/KIRUl1y68c


4 days ago

Latest tweets mentioning “International Network of Women Against Tobacco |”

Shannon Watts

All this kid did was ask “Why on earth would you want someone who abused women to have access to a gun?” I want t… https://t.co/Ssl2ut3dhs


1 day ago

Lawrence O'Donnell

John Kelly said women should be "sacred" then insulted a black woman with lies & now refuses to apologize after his lies were exposed. Sad.


6 hours ago

mad solar

RT @MVKDRE: Wow. Look at the nurturing and HEALING in others women can accomplish with. He look like a new man. God bless https://t.co/xaKP…


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