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Euromaidan Press

Kiwi soldier Kane Te Tai died in combat on the front line, reports Yuriy Sak, advisor to Ukraine’s Minister of Defe… https://t.co/emdNk0ekg2


1 day ago

Anthony J Leonardi, PhD, MS

SARS Cov 2 infection harms T cells, like I've been saying for 3 years Still, if you listen to Marc Veld or Zeynep… https://t.co/b2UpeD48KF


1 day ago

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Imran Khan

I want to thank the Pakistani Physicians for their support at a very critical time in Pakistan's history. https://t.co/ONDxXFwZKB


1 day ago

Catturd ™

Democrat policies 101 ... 1) Create a problem that doesn't exist like GLObAl WaRMinG. 2) Use fake scientists, fak… https://t.co/HAxu5ErMeV


10 hours ago

Occupy Democrats

BREAKING NEWS. The U.S. Senate introduces the NO CORRUPTION ACT, a bill that will prohibit any member of Congress f… https://t.co/C1gyW4nrYI


1 day ago

A. Samone

I find doulas and "birth-workers" who are "pro-choice" hard to understand. I know many will have an issue with that… https://t.co/LsYWjph3MA


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Mz Mischief

RT @TDEM: Severe storms threaten large portions of Texas today and tomorrow. Threats: ⛈️Large Hail 💨Strong Winds 🌪️Possible Tornadoes ☔️He…


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