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Please we implore you to stay home, or head home asap as things escalate. Let us avoid unnecessary violence and los… https://t.co/zxKS7JV34N


12 hours ago

Pablo S. Torre

I am not exaggerating when I say that the best — or worst — thing #ESPNDaily has ever done involves @JeffPassan’s m… https://t.co/yYKK3ngvfq


9 hours ago

Cisco DevNet

Programming skills matter more than ever. Whether you see yourself as an educator, inventor, or teacher, your futur… https://t.co/YYPCrnh1G3


1 day ago

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"We need to xyz" "We should be doing xyz" Beloved, go ahead and do it. This is an all hands thing. We can fund, s… https://t.co/d4V0szW5GL


1 day ago

Sean Davis

From a senior U.S. intel official I spoke with this morning: “Ratcliffe is 100% correct. There is no intelligence a… https://t.co/lI5BFoedu0


1 day ago


Doing my bit by growing a MO for @MovemberUK this year 👨🏻 Thanks @GregWInsight for capturing my moustache in all it… https://t.co/eVFUft5k4D


1 day ago

Fiila89.3 Fm

Axel Tuanzebe has not played for United for nearly a year and went to Paris and pocketed Kylian Mbappe. What an inc… https://t.co/m7opNdLelb


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