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Steven Pinker

Anyone quantifying the history of violence has had to deal with Mao's Great Leap Forward: How many 10s of millions… https://t.co/zF6dHa6Po8


1 day ago

Mark Curtis

Watch as MSM will now suddenly discover the importance of international law. It won't matter or be relevant that UK… https://t.co/Lfzf45wAou


15 hours ago

Moms Demand Action

Seven years ago today, a heavily armed man entered a movie theater in Aurora, CO, and opened fire, killing 12 peopl… https://t.co/c8aazKeTMU


1 day ago

Appliance Reviewer

RT @WhirlpoolUK: We are recalling some of the tumble dryers sold under our Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline brands between 2004-2…


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Twisted Snake

RT @LTHlondon: Foreign murderers & child rapists are STILL in UK two years after THESE Left-wing activists blocked deportation at Stansted…


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ColourPop Cosmetics

#GIVEAWAY WE HIT 8 MILI ON IG! We just want to thank you for all your support, so we thought the best way to cele… https://t.co/XJIP0HDfu7


1 day ago

Shawn Mendes

Keep families together.. Please support organizations like @supportKIND, that are working to #protectfamilies impri… https://t.co/2yKwckP718


1 day ago

Sara A. Carter

New Yorkers are tired of @AOC’s job-killing agenda & her self-promotion campaign. Support @ScherieMurray ! || *Retw… https://t.co/07e4glIE8X


1 day ago


「てるてるうさぎ4(ほめ言葉)」Mami / エストループのLINEスタンプ|LINEストア https://t.co/OkOwyiBF9J #LINEスタンプ


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Daz #DelistBSV

RT @AssangeMrs: DONT MISS! @Leecamp - Live stand up! Courageous truths delivered with biting wit! Including those about my son, journali…


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