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Peter Stefanovic

Poorer pensioner couples, likely already having to make a heartbreaking choice between heat for their homes or a me… https://t.co/tJ4A81Nam4


5 hours ago

BBC Politics

"She should not have to choose between going through the division lobby in a wheelchair, nine months pregnant... or… https://t.co/XtLGO2qf92


1 day ago


뷔 '싱귤러리티', 블랙핑크 '뚜두뚜두, 제니 '솔로', 트와이스 'yes or yes ·우아하게'를 못보게 됐다... https://t.co/x3B4K6LNjI


15 hours ago

Matt Siegel

RT @FromPawnToQueen: A VICTORY !!! Police can't force you to unlock phone with Face ID or fingerprint, judge rules https://t.co/KbVvVxibY…


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Mira Behn

Astronomers believe they have captured the birth of a black hole or neutron star for the first time https://t.co/rQXZdV4vc0 via @v3_co_uk


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James Woods

So nice to see @Gillette jumping on the “men are horrible” campaign permeating mainstream media and Hollywood enter… https://t.co/N5OPMyUi5v


1 day ago

Candace Owens

The #Gillette commercial is the product of mainstream radicalized feminism— & emblematic of Cultural Marxism. STO… https://t.co/ag7ku4mO2T


12 hours ago

Sara A. Carter

Incredible testimony AG nominee Barr on the #border. His knowledge of the border is thorough. Illicit drugs, human… https://t.co/VkMh71iOsc


9 hours ago

bob belcher

RT @BurtsBees: We’re proud to stand with @thenorthface in pledging to support our national parks when they need it most. Join us https://t.…


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Twitta Times

RT @DrNormanDunn: The project for the Westmoreland Oval Football Field in South east St. Mary, has made great progress. The end product wi…


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