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Caroline Kitchener

Last month, I heard about a TX woman with an ectopic pregnancy who was turned away by her doctor, then her ER. Ecto… https://t.co/8gzNGkgP21


1 day ago


On Wednesday night, Scholes said: "They were disjointed. If you do that against Manchester City or Liverpool, at h… https://t.co/SipP1IgXkC


4 hours ago

Dr Zoe Harcombe, PhD

"It’s not the public’s job to ‘save’ the NHS "As a doctor’s daughter, I have huge respect for the NHS and those who… https://t.co/rYbribi5Bm


12 hours ago


RT @PrimeBoyzHUB: nGk da Bosennya Yak Liat🔥Vid @im_wsnu98 Cuzz Lgsung Order ke Do'i or JOIN AKSES SITUS PRIBADI & GROUP TELEGRAM BoyzHUB™…


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Rosalyn ♿️👩🏽‍🦯 🇮🇪 💜🤍💚

RT @joolzzt: Please retweet so all GCs see moley's brand new emporium. I just bought 3 bags and a mask. There's a discount so buy now.  I…


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Rep. Eric Swalwell

Ouch! RT to ask @mtgreenee how she can support ⁦@GOPLeader⁩ McCarthy after this? He talks about her behind her back… https://t.co/2v3PrYWBT7


23 hours ago

Edward Snowden

VC guys keep trying to make cryptocurrency a global standard by spending billions to invent less-attractive version… https://t.co/WH5Oq9Fsw1


1 day ago


[17'S] Thank you @amazonmusic for all the support! https://t.co/3YD35066UB


1 day ago

Wyzi Z

RT @TheBoofBois: Our Vanguard Beta Tage is up now!!!! any support is appreciated Edited by @corbns https://t.co/ZwEYCFDzMx


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Ron H

What an ignorant statement by an obviously uneducated and indoctrinated person with absolutely no knowledge of real… https://t.co/HJKsoeo3CE


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