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Christina Mallaki

Sunset Mango Pina Colada 🌅 ——————————————————————— #pinacolada #mangonada #mykonos #littlevenice #mykonostown… https://t.co/REAEIDtMpr


3 hours ago

Asri Damayanti

@dindabianca upik abu tapi jadi the winner cosmogirl of the year 2011. kamu pasti cinderella ya


5 hours ago

Tami Foy

@DaveOFox13 Looks about right.. It’s been sooo HOT 🥵


6 hours ago

Hybrid Magazine

the great-granddaughter of Cosmogirl and Wall Street Journal


14 hours ago

Catriona Jayne 🙋🏼‍♀️

RT @kingushbal: i skip instagram stories too fast and accidentally vote on things so i’m sorry if i said your dog was ugly


1 day ago

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Donald J. Trump

For all of the Fake News Sunday Political Shows, whose bias & dishonesty is greater than ever seen in our Country b… https://t.co/YZxBbbflf8


1 day ago


Keep it cute sis! https://t.co/3XuOkeYztU


22 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

The Failing New York Times (it will pass away when I leave office in 6 years), and others of the Fake News Media, k… https://t.co/gEMVZ43PUd


7 hours ago

still_resisting #TeamPelosi

RT @_nikhef: We are very sad to report that our colleague Prof.dr. Olga Igonkina passed away at 45 yesterday. She will be missed dearly. ht…


just now


RT @jstcwarrior: Megan Thee Stallion for The FADER Magazine https://t.co/n2e3mlC2cn


just now

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