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KerryBerry 🍓

I almost want to have a reality show or be one, but then that would put all my biz out there. That just wouldn’t be great, would it? 😂😂


2 hours ago

Afriyie J👓

RT @obed_ez: @Afriyie_JO All dey mong It’s called show biz for a reason


2 hours ago

Fa ne s3 wagyimi na suro Mmaa

@Afriyie_JO All dey mong It’s called show biz for a reason


3 hours ago

Andrew Green

@mattdelia How are your other friends in the Biz doing ? Have you known any one that had huge plans for a show or m… https://t.co/3i0fH6l699


4 hours ago


@SenSchumer How many times does Trump need to use the “I’m a cheerleader“ excuse when asked difficult questions. A… https://t.co/vDxYmsXkAe


5 hours ago

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Sherrilyn Ifill

So I have refused to comment before reading the SCOTUS decision on the extension of time for voters to return absen… https://t.co/UqRuCXqkyJ


1 day ago

Chuck Schumer

If President Trump is saying that America’s governors are telling him he’s doing a good job, he should read the fro… https://t.co/VxalDGhHLf


1 day ago

James Woods

Refer to this every day before you read the news... https://t.co/4M84WsgD8h


1 day ago

Perfect Person From The Future

RT @AaronWaxing: When Franco died, SNL had Chevy Chase read Nixon’s glowing eulogy of him with a totally straight face, while showing a pho…


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