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Sleaford Mods

I’m going to be on The Tom Robinson @freshnet Show this Saturday night talking shop and all that biz, on the one ‘n… https://t.co/2xpSYJDV8M


5 days ago

beverley brown

@JP_Biz And it all goes to show that it doesnt matter whats agreed with the EU she'll rip it up and start again!


38 minutes ago


RT @leonida41481101: @realDonaldTrump @VictoriaJenny3 Ihe xay in which Trump was elected, will remain engraved in the légend👌🙌. he crashed…


2 hours ago

106.1 The Breeze

RT @valerieknight01: Tune to the Show Biz Buzz @1061thebreeze 625 and 725...I'll tell uou who was slopping all over his girlfriend like Jr…


6 hours ago

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Chris Murphy

I'm listening to Republicans twist the Iran intel to make it sound like Iran is taking unprovoked, offensive measur… https://t.co/XECSQ5fljJ


22 hours ago

Mimi Rocah

Every single @SenateGOP @HouseGOP member who appears on TV to defend Trump should be asked if they’ve read the ful… https://t.co/PBnfZFeqCU


1 day ago

Nina Milne

@MaggieKBlack @LEWilsonAuthor @AnnaAdams @BerrosRachel @DanicaWinters @MarenFalkland @cathylawrence @OCoutureWriter… https://t.co/pJRPq4SGTT


just now

Laissez Luci Faire

RT @chromoluminous: my sister & i were talking about the #GameOfThrones finale & she made a great point - Sansa’s hair has always mimicked…


just now