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Kyanna Denice

RT @hell0pia: ✨hey twitter! so today is my BDAYY!! which means my shop is almost 1 year old! 🥺 this year is going to be SO BIG for me and m…


34 minutes ago

Georgiana Steele-Wal

@jay_rey623 Ha! The whole family, all three of us, are in show biz. I veered toward music. Can't do stunts anymore!


1 hour ago


just serves to show us all - how deeply we are entrenched in the UK propaganda machine of the elite and government… https://t.co/aFoLOkH4aO


3 hours ago

Sean (Jazz) Stevens

@GreatBrianLast I Love your show With @TheJimCornette , keep up the Good work! Much Respect love you Honesty on bot… https://t.co/PvR7qbneGn


5 hours ago

Dabs Lants

@kainjinodam @Nnaemekachikezi @William_Ukpe Lol... You think because i share cv mean i never run biz? Don't worry a… https://t.co/Zg5KASiyfW


6 hours ago

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Laurence Tribe

.@AlanDersh is grossly misstating law, history, and even the arguments in the Johnson Senate impeachment trial. He’… https://t.co/4WzqCzxF08


1 day ago

Ana Navarro-Cárdenas

McConnell’s will be judged harshly by history. Generations of Americans will read about how he and others helped a… https://t.co/HtHiksoZfY


1 hour ago


RT @AmCoTelegraph: 1) Maybe I am way too small to pull this off. But: Last night Q posted "The Great Awakening" "Shot heard around the worl…


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Lionel Chia MPT, CSCS

RT @DanielPink: Interesting: "The human brain is actually structured more like comics than traditional language, because we first understan…


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