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palestinians every night since 1948 wondering if their home will be raided and occupied by IDF soldiers the next mo… https://t.co/lSrVlqVNna


20 hours ago

Omar Ghraieb🇵🇸

To those who tell us to "stay safe": I truly appreciate your support but: 1- #Gaza has no shelters. 2- I'm staying… https://t.co/2P6k9TDkw5


1 day ago

Sebastian Gorka DrG

Chicago once again proves itself to be the MOST CORRUPT City in America. @BarackObama’s home town is absent any r… https://t.co/HJpDRVQKQF


8 hours ago

AMANDA K🗽🍷🔥💡🌈🌎

RT @MaddoxxMe: The FACT that you, Trump, & the ENTIRE @gop cheat, steal, lie, cut corners, talk to Russians, was an insult from the very be…


just now

Roman Vezio

Listen Teeny Weeny Ants Go back home or go back to some little boy or girl crying cause their pet ants got loose th… https://t.co/ocupd8c5vd


just now

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