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Bop Daddy

Mixed feelings. It’s been a week since we lost our brave soldiers at the toll gate. I have also now officially be… https://t.co/jndt5zSbut


19 hours ago

James Woods

Watching @senatemajldr remind Democrats that the chickens always come home to roost. And he’s doing it in delicious… https://t.co/2N3dpY3otx


1 day ago

Maya Harris

Your reminder that Senate Republicans got their SCOTUS seat last night, packed up and went home—without delivering… https://t.co/IHHg2IuLur


12 hours ago

Elsbeth Washburn

@GeoKaplan_NBNW @tracybeanz When Beau Biden resigned as state AG due to his brain cancer, the Bidens considered sel… https://t.co/JfUZeJUqBC


just now

Janina 👩🏻‍💻

@_discoberry Haha will bake some when u come home. Or if i go there (char?!?!?!) 💖


just now

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