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Adonis Effect

Sign you up? 😉 -Coach Liss https://t.co/7xAIY9Klh8 https://t.co/zH5Q3G7DaU


3 days ago

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John Jones

@Andrew_Adonis No Andy it's you unelected lords who are falling apart! You will be gone soon, after we the people a… https://t.co/TsYYgJrhSt


2 days ago

Andrew Adonis

Read of the day by @julian_glover. Anti-GM crops ‘a cause with little but prejudice & superstition in its favour.’… https://t.co/7s3rVUuQm0


1 week ago

Phil Escott

@Freya_Vegan @m_stewart @jonnettlefold @LBaileyHealth @TbPerchX @IftikharKazi … the truth is, for MOST people, yes,… https://t.co/im6LvbSNzd


1 week ago