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anand mahindra

#whatsappwonderbox To all my colleagues at Mahindra Automotive: Our ambitions in mobility can be inspired by vision… https://t.co/6ajd6C3msg


3 days ago

Ken Block

Why would I bring my 650hp Ford Fiesta RX43 all the way out to a loading dock in Long Beach? Because it’s arguably… https://t.co/mXziqOFRNT


6 days ago

IoT Automotive News

RT @OliverWyman: Presently air & space make up 60% of all #autonomous #vehicle applications, but in the future ground uses will make up 75%…


2 minutes ago

allen draughon

@RealCandaceO @elonmusk The Solendra of the automotive industry...all a pondsey..


8 minutes ago

CBC Automotive

RT @MungenastLexus: A/C Filter Special: all A/C filters $30.00 at the Lexus parts boutique! Schedule your service here: https://t.co/uEfT…


17 minutes ago

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HSI El Paso, Border Patrol agents arrest 18 alien smugglers, 117 illegal aliens; seize cash, vehicles, drugs… https://t.co/N23Lq1wR0g


1 day ago


Multiple Vehicles Have Been Flipped & Damaged Throughout The Night In Paris https://t.co/9ZskID8Rfw


1 day ago

Nigerian Army

This report is misleading same time blown out of proportion, thus NOT TRUE. There was an attempt by BH to cart away… https://t.co/uaPHkqHDg7


1 day ago

American 1st Deplorable

RT @HeshmatAlavi: #IraqProtests Update (10) Basra, southern #Iraq Reports indicate numerous trucks of Iraqi army troops have joined the de…


just now

•Giga Bowser•

RT @_mai1k: @No_Trucks I look at it as abuse across the board simply bc adult strength is being used on a child and as a means of negative…


just now

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