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Kara Swisher

@SathyamMandra @Nicolas_Colin @paulg Um not all of us: https://t.co/xkDP3kvejK


1 week ago

Tom Resau

Reminds me of @waltmossberg's 2007 #craplets post on PC bloatware (https://t.co/bQigDLxwxb). #Smartphone is new PC,… https://t.co/p9T6GyiCW3


1 week ago

Richard Weiss

RT @fuelfreedomnow: Elon Musk: Electric cars are actually receiving less of a subsidy than gasoline cars http://t.co/J6YQqNSaA1


1 week ago

Elizabeth Hopkins

@TomHall https://t.co/ZKPVuCQ0hM Interesting story


1 week ago

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Candace Owens

Just went through the #BLEXIT attendee list and WOW! Hispanic-Americans are about to made their voices HEARD. T… https://t.co/yN9pX5RSn9


22 hours ago

Jon Cooper

Trump is running television ads to ask people to call 800-350-6647 and press 1 to DEMAND that Pelosi and Schumer fu… https://t.co/QUHR7A8FE3


1 day ago

Donald J. Trump

Kevin Corke, @FoxNews “Don’t forget, Michael Cohen has already been convicted of perjury and fraud, and as recently… https://t.co/SriWVRUE1E


2 hours ago

⭐️Liberty Founder⭐️ #MAGA #nationwidevoterid #KAG

RT @RuthieRedSox: Ironic that Pelosi was headed to Afghanistan to visit troops, where we are still at war because of loose borders with Pak…


just now

Bill Flamank

RT @marklevinshow: Get out of the way, Pelosi; the president will be speaking https://t.co/6PTG18HHen


just now

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