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vanessa 🌪️

and the letterssss. THESE HANDWRITTEN LETTERS. the little notes, bday greetings, Valentine's day greetings, even th… https://t.co/fAcvoQXqKl


2 days ago

Love Swirls

RT @palm_mountain: Greetings from #PalmSprings on this special day - Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We hope you are spending it with someo…


2 days ago

Leilani Shorter

so much entertainment so little time. Do Not be Assimilated: Valentine's Day Greetings From Your Favorite Dictator https://t.co/Niz4tslrIp


3 days ago

U N C L E 🧔🏿

RT @BmoreLikeLA: I shared on IG but want to share #onhere. My mom owns God Sent Greetings, a card company with beautiful designs and printi…


1 week ago

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Dan Bongino

It’s Monday May 25th, 2020 and Barack Obama was the most corrupt President in US history. Thanks. Have a good day. #Obamagate


1 day ago

Steve Schmidt

This is a sacred day. This is the day the United States of America remembers her war dead. The President of the Un… https://t.co/e7yUxDova6


18 hours ago

Mira Idora

RT @Advil: tonight’s 1 day old moon, mercury and venus setting just now. the crescent is only 5% illuminated tonight, look at all that ear…


just now

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