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We have no need to fear migration or refugees, but those who do fear them might start working to liquidate the Amer… https://t.co/X0LoZ6Qh6Y


5 days ago

High Admiral Bracken of the Chaos Remnants

RT @EmpressKrataa: // people need to realize that Krataa has seen the errors of the sith. She’s been a victim. She runs her empire differen…


9 hours ago


Bro empire is so predictable lol every event they have ends up in chaos lmao


12 hours ago

🌏🌍🌎 + ☀️ = 360°

The #Problem is the #System. You don't build an #Empire on the ruins of the #Empire ↕ 0°= #Chaos ↕ System:… https://t.co/wXCAxfP7Rt


12 hours ago

🌏🌍🌎 + ☀️ = 360°

Le #Problème est le #Système On ne bâtit pas un #Empire sur les ruines de l'#Empire ↕ 0°= #Chaos ↕ Système:… https://t.co/kKYjDtpdOs


12 hours ago

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El argentino @_Wosds3 es el nuevo campeón internacional de #BatallaDeLosGallos. Revive su victoria en… https://t.co/raxVC0OHAq


18 hours ago

Narendra Modi

Dr Urjit Patel is an economist of a very high calibre with a deep and insightful understanding of macro-economic is… https://t.co/DyZUxKIXPv


1 hour ago

Jon Cooper

In a shocking reversal from his family’s right-wing, racist militarism, Ammon Bundy disavowed the militia movement… https://t.co/GbcZfCKOfC


1 day ago

Belfast St. Pauli

Wee bit of a delay getting t-shirts posted over the weekend but they were posted today. Belfast, Donegal, Liverpool… https://t.co/BeeY6lSFcL


just now


I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/XxlxuRmLJV Black Sun Empire - Breach


just now

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