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Sultan Abdulmejid II

@CapitanulKR Crumbling what nonsense is that? My empire is stronger than ever. Meanwhile Romania is slipping furthe… https://t.co/ndKWb3KkIt


2 hours ago

Sultan Abdulmejid II

@CapitanulKR The Ottoman Empire protected the people of the Middle East from the chaos of European rule. If the ent… https://t.co/tFySbrhI4u


2 hours ago

post scriptum

RT @AeneasGeorg: Do they really thing that any foreign nation cares about their stupid TV series? Signs of a serious narcissistic personali…


2 hours ago

Anwaar UL Islam

RT @AnwaarULIslam_: @SMSalmanFarooq @ZaidZamanHamid Turkey is already in Qatar & Syria. Turks know the Jewish/American plans and have acted…


4 hours ago

Latest tweets mentioning “Chaos Empire - Miniature Bull Terrier - Germany, NRW, Aachen, Baesweiler”


On m’a envoyé une carte graphique GTX TITAN Star Wars Nvidia version Empire Galactique (édition limitée)😮, NATACHA… https://t.co/0vrP2uMmQ6


1 day ago


White nationalist Richard Spencer has been banned (again) from 26 European countries including France, Germany, Pol… https://t.co/7MQDdgYJpe


1 day ago

Jon Stone

In the UK, an annual rail season ticket from Horsham to London costs £3,912 In Germany you can get a BahnCard 100… https://t.co/t08qZf1v9h


1 day ago


V Neck Empire A Line Full Length Beading White Chiffon Summer Beach Bridal Gowns on Luulla https://t.co/AxMaJg3FyF


3 seconds ago

Aleksandar Veskov

@FoxNews @IngrahamAngle If EU start building his own military its time to start thinking... Germany and all papet country’s who start WW2...


4 seconds ago

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