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Dan Rather

Who knew when I wrote WHAT UNITES US that I should have included a chapter on the U.S. POSTAL SERVICE??!??! I mean.… https://t.co/xZur8TXAGQ


10 hours ago

Mufti Menk

We don’t deny that money is important. But you don’t have to go crazy over it. The Almighty has written it down for… https://t.co/h9zafUWGfV


3 hours ago

Kyle Griffin

Bernie Sanders to CNN: "What this is about is not complicated. Trump may be crazy, but he's not stupid. And he look… https://t.co/XF85QJWFc2


18 hours ago


RT @DojaCat: I am EXTREMELY upset that this video I just clicked on titled "cat has a crazy deep meow" is a LIE. It was a dub over and i'm…


just now


RT @prvncsdeannaa: it's honestly so crazy . to think that any of us can just go at anytime rn. might be tmr. might be ltr. might be next we…


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