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Ian Miles Cheong

Bill Nye the Science Guy on gender, circa 1996. (Season 4, Episode 8) "[Chromosomes] control whether we become a… https://t.co/CURbVYHNRF


14 hours ago

Misha Collins

Tonight's my 99th ep of #Supernatural. I hope it's not my last. My ego desperately wants Cas (or is it Cass?) to ma… https://t.co/9qSrDEqtO8


15 hours ago


「しまった💦通り過ぎた😱💦」 高速道路を走行中、目的のイン- ターチェンジ(IC)を行き過ぎてしまったら… 実はある手順- をとれば、当初流入したICから目的のICまでの通行料金にな- るんです✨ うっかり通り過ぎても安心ですね😊💗 詳しくは… https://t.co/qXj46MseQn


1 day ago

TheDennisWagner .com

Price Doesn't Sell Product or Services, Up Front Value Does https://t.co/kohMok8MlA #Sales #SalesTips #SalesTraining https://t.co/v2tVt21AyD


18 seconds ago


RT @claudia_codrea: Every rt is a vote! Don't ignore or just click on "like" retweet as well. #TeamBieber https://t.co/mkDpWoV4bq


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