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rob delaney

Trump with the 12 dudes whose greed is literally why you haven't been able to afford a necessary prescription or su… https://t.co/pcbJofwEa3


14 hours ago

Max Jr

There is no in between. I either wake up not wanting to get out of bed or I wake up like this https://t.co/WhLUUTnQ6B


1 day ago

Kurt Eichenwald

In 3 weeks, Trump - out of arrogance or incompetence -tore down 16 year old counterterror policies that kept us safe https://t.co/fFWdXyjtFM


7 hours ago


영상전보벌레를 붙잡았습니다! 거인에다 해왕류, 그리고 그 희귀한 짐승까지? 일당 멤버는 내 손에 달렸다! https://t.co/CP8o1CrE8p #트레크루 https://t.co/WIYab7n8Yi


19 seconds ago


RT @FaizaAli123: IF YALL AINT TRYING TO HELP I SWEAR TO GOD a simple share or asking around, put your best human effort forward to help thi…


19 seconds ago

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