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【BĻACK or WHiTE】 来る12月15日に『2019 BLACK OR WHITE』特別映像が、全国各地の大型ビジョンで放映決定!- 1回きりのスペシャルな解禁をお見逃しなく! 詳細は特設サ- イトをご確認ください!⇒… https://t.co/jw4qIMR5WI


22 hours ago

Jameson U.S.

If this gets 75K retweets... I can either convince my bosses to bring this to the US... or be fired. https://t.co/YHiZvOgGDC


1 day ago

Donald Trump Jr.

For perspective the US is about 10X the population of Canada so this would be the equivalent of America shedding 70… https://t.co/5Rl1BNE69v


1 day ago

kalat + all nighter, mute me

RT @nicktendoswift: like her or not she’s speaking straight facts here https://t.co/i9eiOYbEjt


just now

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