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Ted Lieu

Dear @realDonaldTrump: You and the #GOP control the federal government. You alone with the GOP can shut the governm… https://t.co/OoLgcNQFGp


3 hours ago

Glenn Greenwald

"Hi, I'm Jeff Flake. I'm really worried about our Stalinist President, which is why I voted less than 24 hours ago… https://t.co/zwAzr0x9Oc


1 day ago

John McCain

Whether he knows it or not, @POTUS’s attacks on the press are being closely watched by foreign leaders intent on sh… https://t.co/yDtrcvukdZ


1 day ago

US / THEM group

RT @staticmm: Portland, OR quartet BlackWater HolyLight share "Sunrise" - a sneaky psychedelic sonic… https://t.co/QwCXWKJUuF https://t.co…


just now


Found a Transponder Snail! What's inside? Mystery barrel's shocking secret!! https://t.co/kn8wfNR- AS7 #TreCru https://t.co/vePz4UtEcy


just now

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