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Ann Coulter

At least when Blasey Ford testifies before the Sen Judiciary Committee she won’t be coming face to face with a seri… https://t.co/20t3HbXz7v


1 day ago

Lindsey Graham

When it comes to President @realDonaldTrump..... BEWARE of anything coming out of the @nytimes. https://t.co/NR24rVdknw


1 day ago

Rob Reiner

If in fact(as it is now coming to light) that Michael Cohen did travel to Prague during the campaign to meet with K… https://t.co/MmfZQg41xq


22 hours ago

Blood, Soil & Smiles!

RT @solid_attitude: Proud Boy gets what’s coming. https://t.co/BCma2AB3EL


just now

Stacey Abrams for GA Gov

RT @DjChubbESwagg: Oh if you think I wasn't going to monetize on the bullying you had another thing coming. Shirts will be here monday Sou…


just now