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Nick Kanios

Bartelby is my spirit animal


1 day ago


@f_solorzano @vicesparza Has leído Bartelby el escribiente. ??...no sé por qué pero hay algo en lo que contas que me remite a ese cuento


1 day ago

Jason Individual-69 (HEE HEE!) Consolidation

@KaraCalavera And I've found that it's impossible to not be envious of the fact that I lack a Bartelby.


2 days ago


@batalladagallas No religion de el phillipe aa Bartelby y co de toteking Jerome de atmosphere


4 days ago

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Donald J. Trump

The Trump Administration has accomplished more than any other U.S. Administration in its first two (not even) years… https://t.co/7X7ioDqIqf


13 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

It was my honor to attend today’s #ArmyNavyGame in Philadelphia. A GREAT game played all around by our HEROES. Cong… https://t.co/lb25gCUd8S


1 day ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

This Harvard session has been going on for new Congressmembers since the 70s. This year we heard things like “the… https://t.co/Nl9F8SnKgO


21 hours ago

🗡M*divin Je Wouj🗡

The people that you’re trying to smack with books and theory don’t CARE. You have to CARE first, for you to want to… https://t.co/XBt3wrhB72


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