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@IThinkImFred I mean, to be fair, Bartelby is probably not used to the white stuff falling out of the sky not being ash from a wild fire.


6 hours ago

It’s always Snowy in Toledo

Our doorman, Bartelby Thurston the 2nd, is not amused by the Greenleaf family’s first winter. https://t.co/9oQi3VoHDq


1 day ago

Yaki ga Furu (ヤキが降る)

RT @disneyminus1: Bartelby's Lumpkin (2020) https://t.co/WOGTS3ok7e


3 days ago

Rana 🦋

@Raskolnkv Bartelby karakterini ben de okuyayım da öyle konuşalım. “O” dediğim babaydı.


3 days ago

Raskol Nikov

@delikadinra Yanlış. Bartelby çaresizlik içinde biri değil, her hangi bir şeyi "yapmamayı tercih eden" biri. Farkın… https://t.co/5czDkhfg6j


3 days ago

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Terrence K. Williams

I’M EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE IM OFFICIALLY on the Black Voices for Trump Coalition Advisory Board! Thank you Presiden… https://t.co/nWweIbFa7C


13 hours ago

Ted Lieu

Dear @realDonaldTrump: The job of Inspector General Michael Atkinson is not to be loyal to you. His job is to help… https://t.co/IFtw0r2TL9


7 hours ago

Shiro (シロ) ✨ commission me please ✨

RT @pinkkumacchi: Pls help RT (will be updated) Currently facing some problem n help i need some cash :' Price in IDR, but i also do intl s…


just now

Michael Steele

RT @pranksnpups: Beautiful furriends..Jag is not good. After an emergency visit to WAs vet hospital last night, Jagger is fighting a neurol…


just now

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