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🎶 MelodyRaver 🎶

@moth_men I would like the name Bartelby


3 days ago

joe lies, liz lies, and the pete tape is real

@nickolives @the_scrivener @daveweigel @MattBruenig lol bartelby blocked me and i never engaged with him once. why… https://t.co/ITTmnJdhN6


6 days ago


@KirkWrites79 Short story not a book but Bartelby the Scrivner. That book made me FURIOUS I hated Bartelby so much.


1 week ago


About 70% of the surface of my couch is covered in stuffed animals and Bartelby is very displeased with this


1 week ago

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cody ewing

@ajfelker11 Get access to millions of step-by-step textbook solutions, a vast, searchable library of answers to hom… https://t.co/BAAYmKoCmU


1 week ago

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