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John Sarvay

@ebonkovsky @RossCatrow Related: Ross, have you read Melville’s short story Bartelby the Scrivener?


2 days ago

Luca Zanardi

@Einaudieditore Ma, nell'ordino mondo del lavoro Bartelby si potrebbe ancora permettere di rispondere così? 😉


5 days ago


i have to write a paper on how bartelby the scrivener represents anti-capitalism so in other words IT'S LIT


5 days ago

James a linn

@RichardHaass Bartelby the joiner.


1 week ago

Victor Sánchez

"No ver más televisión y dejar de atender la actualidad." 8 días 8.Bartelby (mis dominios) https://t.co/M54BB86cO2


1 week ago

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Louis Tomlinson

Congrats Niall on a great album. Lovely sound ! @NiallOfficial . Go listen if you haven't already !!


2 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

Keep up the GREAT work. I am with you 100%! "ISIS is losing its grip..." Army Colonel Ryan Dillon CJTF–OIR… https://t.co/EXqgvquLiK


17 hours ago

Joy Reid

Today is another good day to ask: why are hundreds of U.S. troops in Niger and why did four special forces soldiers die there?


1 day ago


https://t.co/718kJ57JPy presents: "Great blue heron - Grand héron" https://t.co/OFQO50EkCy https://t.co/K4jiGwYFWT


just now

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