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Bearded & Fluffy

@Jenni_Marie8819 Long live the South Harmon Institute of Technology and for one fleeting moment....he made the name Bartelby cool


12 hours ago

13 hours ago


@leprofdeletre Bartelby parce que I would prefer not to ... et Ignacius pour les m礙mes raisons!


2 days ago

Jeff Barnosky

@juliabrown @gabehudson I think Murderers is my favorite American short story, if I think of Bartelby as a novella https://t.co/fErHJ6mdJ3


6 days ago

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Marjorie Taylor Greene For Congress綾

I won my primary by over 20% despite the establishment trying to stop me, and social media giants censoring me. I https://t.co/U2zlH3U6EK


1 day ago

Andy Burnham

Been thinking a lot about this. Are we really saying were all comfortable with giving the highest-paid 瞿50 off th https://t.co/nr54YsY9qw


1 day ago


my heart is aching looking at these photos in Beirut. I have read from a lot of people that petitions arent effect https://t.co/RDrX6bjpTx


16 hours ago

Irish Jack

RT @Opinion8dKellie: 2% of the radical, destroy America, liberals are doing everything in their power with the help of the media to control


just now

Siphosethu Khumalo

RT @Zamandlane2: Please share and help find my cousin https://t.co/BebpcGI1qa


just now

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