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Sidhant Sibal

"The potential geopolitical fault-line in the maritime domain – particularly in East Asia – could be graver than wh… https://t.co/BhXp6j5YQq


3 days ago

रक्षा मंत्री कार्यालय/ RMO India

Conflicts could seriously jeopardise political and economic stability and development efforts.  For example, the po… https://t.co/PLpAXRCnhR


3 days ago

Carl Malamud

@AuthorsGuild I think @internetarchive should totally own the "cloak of public service." Make hoodies and other app… https://t.co/7I3GFh05oQ


3 days ago

Azco Real Estate Brokers LLC

It’s an absolute honour to be nominated for the prestigious Taqdeer Awards 2022 under the patronage of His Highness… https://t.co/x4DEkUHFpc


5 minutes ago

One Off Domain

RT @myblogtech: Domain ForSale https://t.co/mRbxQNc- d1y ✅DestinationMarketing ✅P- romoteOpportunities _ #tabuk #visitsaudi #investSaudi #Sa…


2 hours ago

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Kyle Griffin

Breaking: Ex-Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg just pleaded guilty to tax violations and admitted to helping run a y… https://t.co/BBvCvRWAt4


20 hours ago

James Oh Brien

Sewage being pumped into our seas by businesses making enormous profits while Tories call for *less* regulation of… https://t.co/5tSx8aAZpS


1 day ago

Narendra Modi

Best wishes to our valued Cabinet colleague Nirmala Sitharaman Ji on her birthday. Nirmala Ji is at the forefront o… https://t.co/KZ4OMIeBcN


1 day ago

James Charteries

RT @SkySports_Keith: Eddie Howe on transfers: “If there’s another Bruno, please let us know. They don’t grow on trees. It was an incredible…


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