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Allison Morris

RT @fairly_kate: Stranded was probably the best short series I’ve ever watched, super proud of @ColbyBrock @SamGolbach @SamandColby better…


3 hours ago


RT @collinsbry: @ComicBookNOW These are the best horror movies ever made in my opinion


3 hours ago

Central Cinema

Bob Clark is one of our favorite underrated directors, and not only did he create one of the best Christmas movies… https://t.co/uMhrsi8sy3


7 hours ago

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Here are TIME’s most anticipated horror movies with release dates set over the course of the next year https://t.co/Py8sGs6mir


1 day ago

Jason Lei Howden

Also I'm a proud Synder fan. DAWN OF THE DEAD was one of the best horror movies of that decade, and his DIRECTOR'S… https://t.co/tWRon4MuJ1


1 day ago


In the wintry months to come, late-breaking Oscar contenders will touch down, as will sentimental holiday fare, a "… https://t.co/WS3yMi4bGE


9 hours ago

pornesian parappio

RT @ynk_min__: Yoongi: -doesn’t like fighting -suggested himself to hold hands whenever he and Tae would start fighting -scared of ghosts a…


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Ellie Douglas Author

RT @RPAPodcast: Real People. Real Stories. Real Interviews. Real Fear. No BS. Simply paranormal. Trust the RPA brand! https://t.co/sWILLxM…


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