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🌱 т ү ℓ ε я 𓆉 🌱

So im sitting outside alone and everyones looking at me like im a loser and im hungry gr


6 days ago

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Daily Kos

Attorney General Barr spews kitchen-sink level of disinformation about Russia probe, IG report https://t.co/R2swIPuqWv


1 day ago

Breathe Freely Australia

The dangers of #silicosis date back to the mid-1900s. Now we are approaching the year 2020, why is it still an issu… https://t.co/HGpgITwRXw


2 hours ago

Joe Bayley

RT @painted_kitchen: Kitchen stories is what we do 👩🏻‍🎨 #thebespokeapproach #paintedkitchens https://t.co/w1IBRetj3o


2 hours ago


2 hailey stories hehe i think it was a week ago and she's sleeping in the middle of the kitchen on a mat like DEEP… https://t.co/ugh4LtAzEt


3 hours ago

Angel Kostan (RP)

@SRollinsNC1 @KeiraKostanNC1 @JaxGandyRP Those houses are huge. Winter and Josh live on the beach. I mean right on… https://t.co/zxgVhquXzS


3 hours ago