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Kim Mangone

Retweet if you don’t care one iota about what kind of watch Biden wears.


1 day ago

Fred Wellman

Absolutely insane. Both of the white men who were in the Senate with flex cuffs to take hostages were granted bail.… https://t.co/lmOoywoYdv


15 hours ago


RT @WINterSBP_: In addition to our Rabbit adoption, we also adopt from @WWF a Slow Loris for @winmetawin #winmetawin #WIN22BirthdayGifts.…


just now

Jordyfed | FEDERICI 💸

RT @Jyates5: I’d rather study than party. Some day I might regret that, then maybe I won’t. I’m more focused on the future than the presen…


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Geraint Davies

UK Minister provokes 500 Covid cases at DVLA Swansea as symptomatic told to work, vulnerable refused home-working,… https://t.co/dxVyCLwY8A


6 hours ago

Yashar Ali 🐘

I wish these apps would give you the option to cover the commission for restaurants if you want. But I suspect th… https://t.co/RbIE93w4nK


1 day ago


RT @MyBaeHoon: Voting apps will crash later for sure esp SMA and including Idol Champ and Whosfan. If you will purchase coupons, do it as e…


just now


@m_rasheni @OmClayts @stolencarRSA Yes am having apps with them.


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