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Walter Shaub

Why hasn’t this terrorism mobilized a million marchers? Trump is taking child hostages to deter others & get his wa… https://t.co/bXTviU377r


1 day ago

Cole M. Sprouse

Don’t forget to acknowledge your father on social media today.


7 hours ago

Zack Bornstein

Remember when people didn’t vote bc they said there was no difference between Hillary and Trump, and now there are child concentration camps


1 day ago


RT @makloubae: I don't talk to my closest friends for days but we still share funny tweets and memes to each other, and when we do talk it…


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10 apps you must download before you go to Korea https://t.co/0OgipgOzbA https://t.co/j2fN6VPAiC


2 hours ago

Zareen Khan

Eid Mubarak to All ✨ I will b goin LIVE today exclusively on THE ZAREEN KHAN APP at 6:30pm instead of 4pm . So see… https://t.co/TOXoUy729d


1 day ago

Mayo Clinic

Do you know the top threats to men's health? Here's how to reduce your risks and have a little fun in the process.… https://t.co/dKSHZ6U5QZ


8 hours ago

Annisa S R

RT @MNCVisionID: Mudik Jaman Now, nonton acara TV favorit saat mudik dengan fitur MNC Vision Plus di aplikasi MNC Now. #mncvision #mncnow #…


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Ajeet Kumar

Download this app. I can clear the unfollowers from this ANDROİD app .1648 https://t.co/c7odp6Xenl


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