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The Swiss Colony

@AJSnow1225 Yes Joan! As a matter fact you may order it now on the website. https://t.co/3vmHnxlAZy


2 days ago

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NCT 127

Helloooo Johfammm!! I know some of you guys knew it was coming, but its here!! Yuta and I hiking and eating some re… https://t.co/S2B7DFbS1v


1 day ago

Ana Navarro-Cárdenas

“I’ll have a large pepperoni. Extra cheese. And some garlic knots for my Taliban friends. Do you deliver to Camp Da… https://t.co/H3GL4Osain


21 hours ago

Bernie Sanders

Jeff Bezos is worth over $110 billion. Amazon pays $0 in federal income taxes. Yet Bezos just cut health care for 2… https://t.co/FEYokVOV7t


1 day ago


Dengan ini saya isytiharkan naan cheese hanya sedap bila dine in sahaja, bila take away dia totally out


just now


RT @AzharAndiTahir: Kenapa perut kita buncit? 1) Too many simple carbs 🍚 (roti putih/kuih/nasi putih) 2) 😴 Not enough rest (sleep) 3) Maka…


just now

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