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Ɱɾʂ ɀ🧠ʍҍìҽ

@bookawitch I remember my aunt getting the whole family stuff from the Swiss Colony, for Christmas. They have boxes… https://t.co/cT5N1UOPvp


1 day ago

Rachel Harville

And Freedom bears LOL!! :) https://t.co/ugSTakKYy4


1 week ago

Rachel Harville

Getting our usual Easter treats at Swiss Colony and saw these. How CUTE! https://t.co/kRAosrlL2l


1 week ago

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Ayanna Pressley

Do you know why African-Americans align with so many COVID-19 co-morbidities? Structural racism. Food deserts=unequ… https://t.co/uGnCuHEY1O


1 day ago

Donald J. Trump

I have directed @SecretarySonny to expedite help to our farmers, especially to the smaller farmers who are hurting… https://t.co/Kth5WEVEIG


4 hours ago

Stephen King

Is it true that the only hotel in Vegas not donating rooms and food to caregivers is Trump International? #CaptainTrumps


3 hours ago

Sandra Marchetti

Does anyone else think they might be getting healthier in quarantine because they aren’t eating out at all anymore?… https://t.co/syCxvvNQHh


just now

lil bby

me every time I buy food https://t.co/9yiA1o6887


just now

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