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ᴅᴇʙ ᴇ. ʜᴏᴡᴇʟʟ ✍️

On the writing playlist tonight: Antje Duvekot 'Scream' https://t.co/Rq3TEe9jbJ


2 days ago


couple important notes: 1) this is a living document and in no particular order; 2) I decided not to include songs… https://t.co/N0PdFReQgt


5 days ago

Jampa Phalam

@ThatEricAlper @Solasmusic performance of Black Annis on Reunion album. Song writer Anthe Duvekot. Lead vocal Deirdre Scanlon.


6 days ago

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Free vocal lessons (lul i dunno how to sing though) then among us at 4pm with people i dont trust. Live now!… https://t.co/uW0OX6ZGox


1 day ago

Fiersa Besari

Pernah, saking sedihnya, otak malah skip. Jadi pas bangun tidur, kayak enggak ada apa-apa. Beberapa menit kemudian… https://t.co/ubkpkQxP0s


1 day ago

Mark Hertling

This is a photo known to those who served in Europe...a picture of a soldier - loaded down - going into combat. I… https://t.co/tt6UKiNGfT


1 day ago

Gak Tau Siapa

Gak abis pikir aja di sebut kayak gitu


just now

Colleen Theisen 📚

@thirdcoast I find it to be a comfortable place to do our homeschool lessons.


just now

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