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Gamer Geek

RT @UnfoldPrints: How to connect your #Android Device to your #Linux Desktop? Know more at https://t.co/4HTW0N0pow #andr- oidtips #linuxdeskt…


1 day ago

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Alexis Isabel

This country doesn’t care about children. Not the children being murdered in our schools, not the immigrant childre… https://t.co/d5YPzMFRic


11 hours ago

Thoughts of Dog

sometimes. it’s easy to tell. that the human’s life is hard. but that’s okay. because i have cuddles. and i’m not going anywhere


1 day ago

Ed Downs

RT @RealDonaldTrFan: I’ve just arranged a HUGE deel to save Chinese company ZTE & 75,000 Chinese Jobs! ZTE was stealing us government secre…


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