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Sizab @ coding classes

Vampire the Masquerade tabletop released in '91, movie adaption of Interview with the Vampire '94, Blood Omen: Lega… https://t.co/c92eHKnGdQ


1 day ago


I watched The Ring last night and I swear I've never been more spooked by a movie in my life


1 day ago

Marquee Ramone

@ZachByerly Rented it, but haven’t watched it yet. Curious if my cameo made the final cut? Fun (?) fact: It took lo… https://t.co/VMfpOZuelV


2 days ago


@arcarver87 The night of the zombsquitos. "You thought they were out for blood before..." Heck we may have a movie on our hands


2 days ago


@wigu Holy crap though, a Batman movie where it turns out he was bitten by those scary bats and is a vampire and th… https://t.co/PLtDr7q9gp


2 days ago

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Emma Vigeland

Last night’s #GameOfThrones was all about characters with gray moral compasses choosing their path. Jaime chose hi… https://t.co/rac7jqVlqE


1 week ago

Sam Hartman-Kenzler

Just woke up from dreaming about last night's games and I am so grateful to have cast all of NA's greatest upsets.… https://t.co/lH0yjxJtH5


3 days ago

Ashoke Pandit

India had entered the dark night when a group of politicians and intellectuals stood holding a book and washing of… https://t.co/NMbnmM0aDV


2 days ago

shiva prasad

RT @BBTheorist: "The institute says no library in India is open all night, but this is a different institute,” a TISS PhD scholar told. Ma…


just now

Giving Voice

RT @eerceylan96: #MystudentSLTday ended with an amazing night with my team @SLTSocietyNCL at the @NewcastleSU awards! We were awarded BEST…


just now

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