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Steven Dreyer

Just watched a fun movie and need to update my top 5 vampire movies. This new movie falls into the third position.… https://t.co/9ejf9tvQhV


1 hour ago

Luis Talks Comics!(They/Them)📚🇲🇽🏳️‍🌈

Hi y’all just got back from a movie night with my cousins. We watched There Will Be Blood😊 https://t.co/qUXCkRn8zB


1 hour ago


Once a week some friends and I have a virtual bad movie night. Some past cinematic experiences have included; Kil… https://t.co/VhoF2aB8Qz


1 hour ago

The Baconatrix

@FallonTonight #MyWeirdRoommate would take crazy horroresk selfies. She’d leave fake blood, fake body parts and stu… https://t.co/MJLHnJ2Awh


6 hours ago


@MidwayDI Had a blast at the dusk to dawn horror movie marathon last night. Texas chainsaw massacre and blood sucki… https://t.co/ohiKwOWQM8


9 hours ago

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PC Gamer

Drink blood, craft coffins, and ride through the night with your undead pals in vampire survival game V Rising. https://t.co/W1tnmIpi3n


1 day ago

7th Army Training Command

#DynamicFront 21 Phase 2 is going out with a BOOM 💥 Here’s something to get your blood pumping- Soldiers with the S… https://t.co/6xinDqwiiE


19 hours ago


in your blood on a cold night. https://t.co/J1IoUnrqOJ


6 days ago

Advocate Riot 🇸🇿🇿🇦

RT @stacky_t: The @EswatiniGovern1 ‘s mercenaries masquerading as an army likes spilling blood and killing civilians. The attack on student…


just now

Selene 🌙

✅ A Master of Djinn ✅ A Dowry of Blood 2) Strange the Dreamer (book club live show co host) ✅ Velvet Was the Night… https://t.co/VN1WkqYvAd


1 minute ago

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