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Pramit Chatterjee 🌈

Alright, watching @suspiriamovie at the dead of the night was a mistake because I'm gonna get LOTS of nightmares no… https://t.co/7d5Y7a6Mog


8 hours ago


RT @RebccaBolin: @Ronaldw49315988 @The_Trump_Train @Brenda76415141 On live TV with an open mic. The Iran deal, billions of dollars in cash…


12 hours ago

Sean Patrick 🇮🇪🇺🇸🏴‍☠️

@RobertC98106073 @BasedPoland Watched Excalibur last night. Beautiful movie. There was a time when the isles we… https://t.co/8I3phKnijc


13 hours ago


RT @Anime: #News Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, January 7-13 • Kamen Rider Build movie sells 2,057 + 1,089, followed by Sengoku Night Blood…


16 hours ago

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The moon will turn red over the United States on Sunday night during the last total lunar eclipse of the decade:… https://t.co/75aV8Frttc


1 day ago

Thee Trend Setter

The queue is long but we will stand all night if we can till we donate blood!! This is for my country people!! Let’… https://t.co/0awtwpjRbc


9 hours ago


As the moon turns red over the United States on Sunday night during the last total lunar eclipse of the decade, the… https://t.co/1m77CNJUuA


17 hours ago

عدنان احمد

RT @salarsikandar22: تیری beautiful سی صورت نے میرا simple سا dil توڑا ہے جس day سے you کو دیکا ہے اس night سے sleeping چھوڑا ہے جب thou…


1 minute ago


after the blood moon sunday night monday gonna get cold af


3 minutes ago

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