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Prof. Aidan Meyers

@hotelmidnight after watching the Mom and Dad movie last night I can say there are pretty much zero Blood Crazy vib… https://t.co/S4DSjF1Ccx


3 hours ago

You're wrong kaiba

@NWorrall1994 Uub is class, We're getting a movie. But so far we've got one good arc and they're cancelling it smh.… https://t.co/L0kvImXnAp


1 day ago


Reflecting about this movie over night, I think it's my 2nd favorite PTA film only behind There Will Be Blood. That… https://t.co/3NPQl68irS


1 day ago

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India Today

Cops on night patrol were caught on camera refusing to help two accident victims lying in a pool of blood to 'avoid… https://t.co/Iiq1sP3kWm


20 hours ago

Owen Benjamin 🐻

I'm a direct blood relative of Clark from Lewis and Clark. Those dudes used to have to kill an animal to get skins… https://t.co/POmlcFpLGu


1 day ago

Liverpool Echo

“They will have seen those signs which make it obvious I work during the night as a blood volunteer. I’m gutted, it… https://t.co/VJnQJK5PjS


9 hours ago

Aurora Schubert

Saturday night dinners. Family isn’t always blood https://t.co/C8EPkvOkEj


45 seconds ago

darth plagueis the wise

RT @NYinLA2121: It was a dark and Stormy night off the coast of Nambia, Captain Covfefe navigated his ship, The Dotard thru the shark infes…


3 minutes ago

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