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Norma Lynn

RT @TwitAgentCom: 6 reasons to visit Korea this fall | http://t.co/YvipR7ZM http://t.co/wCVlHeHb


1 week ago

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Republican Rep. Jim Jordan: If the government shuts down Friday, it's on the Democrats for prioritizing amnesty ove… https://t.co/JkLmtEiojg


4 hours ago

Scott Dworkin

Don Lemon calls Trump racist here & then amazingly through silence, tells people who still support him to go f*ck t… https://t.co/lJLW8pnUvH


6 days ago

Yashar Ali 🐘

. @donlemon: “He [Trump] is a racist...I’m tired of being outraged.” https://t.co/7TOF3n5lTI


6 days ago

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