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Matt Stoller

Lexis Nexis is no longer letting reporters access a database that includes home phone numbers due to privacy concer… https://t.co/HVNN7xfRKt


1 week ago

Yitz Schaffer

RT @carmatrocity: RIP my DMs. Please give me some time to respond, but just in case, here is the spreadsheet of #travisAlums https://t.co…


just now


@jonnobaker316 Hi Jonno, Thank you for your message. I would like to assist you further. Can I kindly ask you to DM… https://t.co/b8nVZK2jmG


5 seconds ago

Graceland Conference and Lifestyle Centre

Spa treatments can be undertaken in our relaxing outdoor spa or in the privacy of your room. For more info contact… https://t.co/HtMuQjNpjC


24 minutes ago

Uber Ghana

@thekwameackah Hi there, we are more than happy to assist in facilitating the retrieval of lost items. However, t… https://t.co/cFLibEevtJ


37 minutes ago

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Congratulations on your successful touchdown, @haya2_jaxa! We're excitedly waiting for the telemetry and confirmati… https://t.co/gVRHx8h8PR


14 hours ago

James Woods

No, I have been asking for some confirmation of her ability to fulfill her very important duties to the nation. You… https://t.co/eEJug27msB


1 day ago

Michael Szul

The relationship between kids, the Internet, and privacy has changed dramatically over the last few decades. https://t.co/Sha4GM- agwy


just now


RT @melpillard: I knew Twitter was full of savages when that girl posted her flight confirmation number and someone called and canceled her…


just now

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