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Dan Arel

I am often surprised by activists who contact me for various reasons and want to send a text, or email me through G… https://t.co/ZAgIFfGYOI


2 days ago

Abortion Rights IE

The Dail debate on The Bill resumes Tuesday. Which means you have 4 DAYS to contact your TDs. We have over 4 blogpo… https://t.co/zPoEi6LSnW


1 week ago

Steve Herman

A @SecretService "facial recognition pilot" project is underway at the @WhiteHouse to determine if it can "help id… https://t.co/2h1e9RKvhZ


5 days ago

McDo Philippines

@chaicabanez Thanks for reaching out to us. Kindly DM us the name and contact number you provided when you placed a… https://t.co/qs3CBpzz24


4 minutes ago

McDo Philippines

@MikkoDeMesa Thanks for bringing this matter to us. Kindly DM us the details of your concern, full name, contact nu… https://t.co/nh1Q4BRsNi


8 minutes ago

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Wayne Dupree 🎧

It seems MAGA is conflicted with William Barr as the nominee for AG. He should be able to sail through confirmation… https://t.co/SIVlXN6AvM


22 hours ago

Andrew Neil

Any confirmation of reports that there’s also a gilets jaunes attack on European Parliament in Brussels ?


1 day ago

Chuck Callesto

BREAKING: Bombshell Confirmation Is VERY Bad News For Comey, Strzok & Page https://t.co/q9FX7DJIrM


18 hours ago


RT @40oz_VAN: Privacy is power. What people don’t know they can’t ruin.


just now

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