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Fight for the Future

Congress is considering #privacy legislation, but we can't leave this debate to out-of-touch lawmakers and industry… https://t.co/ppck0SPMPL


2 days ago

Fight for the Future

Big Tech claimed for years that it can regulate itself, but for months now they've been lobbying Congress to pass a… https://t.co/dsjQH73cbG


2 days ago

Fight for the Future

Companies that "inadvertently," or knowingly, violate our privacy should: 1) notify impacted users and 2) share pub… https://t.co/epl1EvqaZ3


6 days ago

IAYF Consulting

With adherence to 10 rigorous global privacy compliance standards like HIPAA and FERPA and over 900 compliance cont… https://t.co/TFUo11j5co


25 seconds ago


@erictheref1 Good afternoon. We'd like to look into your concern. Pls send us a DM w/ a brief description of your c… https://t.co/gz1R69ptyZ


14 minutes ago

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Asif Ghafoor

So through specific responses ‘people’ identified themselves whether or not they were addressed. Good to have confi… https://t.co/IXkSSbmlv3


1 day ago

Citizens for Ethics

The conservative “dark money” organization that spearheaded controversial Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s c… https://t.co/Z67g4Gblf6


20 hours ago

Bill Mitchell

I don't think people realize how brilliant Barr's naming of Durham was. By picking a man who has been so roundly… https://t.co/KjfGTLkGHw


1 day ago

Bake The Hall In The Candle Of Her Brain

RT @sturgishigh: Little reminder about Roe v Wade - the case established a "right to privacy." Is everyone on the right ready to give up th…


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John M Knox ➡️

Have Consumers Already Lost the Online Privacy War? | Sam Bocetta https://t.co/J8PBbFMPZ0 via @feeonline


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