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Animated Text

Sometimes love is just goofing around Walmart at 2am https://t.co/7zVOmtVF0O


1 day ago

Cartoon Network

Check out the animatic vs final animation of "Other Friends" from #StevenUniversetheMovie! 🌟💎🎬 Order the DVD now to… https://t.co/rojlx13enY


8 hours ago


If life gives you lemons, chuck oranges at them, make a citrus crush and mix with vodka - boom! Is it too early? (N… https://t.co/zZFnVcUqiz


just now

✰ katie ✰

RT @stayfrea_: This African man in Walmart didn’t know how to say chicken so he grabbed a🥚& asked the cashier “Where iz Dee Mothaa?”


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Matthew Dowd

Let me give President trump credit: he has helped show America exactly who Nikki haley, Paul Ryan, John Cornyn, Lin… https://t.co/tysjRuy7dd


1 day ago

Brad Parscale

Now we know the whistleblower’s lawyer was pushing for impeachment and plotting a coup since day one. The swamp h… https://t.co/khnszyVkI2


17 hours ago

Stephanie Lai

RT @SenMarkey: Congress must pass the #HongKong Human Rights & Democracy Act to support these brave protesters & send a message to Beijing…


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