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WaterDog #ProtectMueller

@DesignationSix @FoxNews @Starbucks @amazon @Walmart @Ford @LincolnMotorCo @MrPeanut @oscarmayer @JP_Books @Zappos… https://t.co/PJkp9E3Fmz


5 days ago

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Marvel Studios

To the greatest fans in the world, thank you for being there from the beginning until the endgame and making this t… https://t.co/zjzlS4vZAP


1 day ago

Jeffree Star

Some people aren’t loyal to you, they are loyal to their need OF you.. once their needs change, so does their loyalty ✨


1 day ago

Candace Owens

This is what it looks like when a country slowly gives up all of its rights in favor of a globalist agenda—an agend… https://t.co/tGg4rGh9BP


1 day ago

Rajesh Chavan🇮🇳

RT @HatindersinghR: This 17Year Old Boy Beating His Old Mom For Talking About His Poor Marks In Neighbourhood,This @ss Reporteldy Beats He…


just now


RT @MisterChilango: Ojalá que el America sea campeón porque ya quiero estar mame y mame y mame y mame y mame y mame y mame y mame y mame y…


just now

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