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Deadline Hollywood

Petition To Axe Amber Heard From ‘Aquaman 2’ Receives Upwards 1.5M Signatures Following Johnny Depp’s ‘Fantastic Be… https://t.co/K4zL0KuYGO


14 hours ago

Deadline Hollywood

David Prowse Dies: ‘Star Wars’ Actor Who Played Darth Vader Was 85 https://t.co/cEc5fgpsZb


11 hours ago

Deadline Hollywood

‘Daredevil’ Fans Urge MCU Revival Now That Rights Have Reverted To Marvel Studios https://t.co/tfc9MAwQr7


25 minutes ago


RT @DEADLINE: ‘Black Panther’ Will Now Feature Special Chadwick Boseman Montage Tribute https://t.co/VbFsTwWDnI


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Sasha Dix

today: Detroit Mayor: Wear The Masks Or We’ll Shut Down The Economy https://t.co/apGy1Izt- Fb Nov 15: Fauci: Masks… https://t.co/LMYg3hLK9P


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Chuck Callesto

BREAKING REPORT: Thousands of FAKE VOTES allegedly Found at Wisconsin Recount in Dane County, PHOTO EVIDENCE collected...


1 day ago

Nicole Saline

the good news كـُود ماكـس MF78 سـنتربوينت CB332 فـوغا فـوقا كـلوسيت V1 أنـاس اونـاس BC ممـزورلد U02 سيـفي S1 مــ… https://t.co/eh0viplL4w


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Ellen Friedmann

RT @MeidasTouch: Both Fox News and Kelly Loeffler's campaign have threatened to sue us to take down this ad so please don't retweet https:/…


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kevin fooglefam

Warning don’t speak of G. S. Being arrested it is false to call us theorist and ban our networks documents are fake… https://t.co/vylLdvdbFY


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