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How to Design a Profitable Landing Page https://t.co/lAo26MOySB by @designmagtweets


1 week ago


Follow these principles to design an effective website https://t.co/fLmkvtoCLx by @designmagtweets


1 week ago

Studio Simpatico

Key Principle to Web Design: Thou shall not squander user's patience. https://t.co/ykaJbU- EYko


1 week ago

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Luke Waltham

You don’t force English artists to sing in another language so why force a group of successful, talented individual… https://t.co/t4vlCs1OC7


21 hours ago

Terrence Williams

What kind of Racist President Would help 3 young blacks come home to enjoy life⁉️I have never heard of a White Sup… https://t.co/5p7CvdEFwf


12 hours ago

Ally Brooke

Can’t wait to see!!!!!! Going to take my little cousin when I get home 😊🗡 #JusticeLeague https://t.co/haZwciVVOp


18 hours ago

lil ling

RT @Zendaya: Nowhere like Oakland...I love my home man.


4 seconds ago

Jaycel Espiritu

RT @henriigna: South is waking up too early, and going home too late. South is laid-back weekend afternoons, trying to compensate. South…


5 seconds ago

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