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Andrea Mitchell

This reveals how Manafort crony Deripaska won 100’s of millions from Treasury lifting sanctions. Will GOP Senators… https://t.co/zDrj1g8GhH


20 hours ago

Sarah Silverman

OR, if there were background checks, James Earl Ray, who was a convicted felon, wouldn’t have been able to buy that… https://t.co/xecGQQdj70


19 hours ago

Pardon My Take

Hey @RamsNFL, instead of a box for the Super Bowl we will take this job instead https://t.co/kMd1fUfAVu


1 day ago

Linda KWS

RT @ActMeasuresDoc: A very good @nytimes piece which covers much of the what is in #ActiveMeasurs. Most disturbing part? How much of this i…


just now


RT @JunkyucheeK: จุนกยูเสียค.มั่นใจ พอได้คำชมถึงกลับกำลังใจเต็มร้- อย ซึงฮุนรอคำชมจากหยางมาตลอด พอได้รับคือกลั้นน้ำตา กนบอกอย- ากให้ยเชื่อใจจะไ…


just now

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