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Ijeoma Oluo

White people: whatever outrage and sadness you are feeling - pouring it all out on social to your Black friends won… https://t.co/CtkHmpdR0C


3 hours ago

Kapil Mishra

14 min long TV ads on all channels by Kejriwal Ads worth ₹250000000/- How many ventilators one can buy with this… https://t.co/QdFThr0uOv


1 day ago


Black people. Go buy guns.


1 day ago

2K20 Crew Finder

RT @KnownSeller: My SS3 Account for sale PS4 81.3 win % 5 Different my players offers ? #2kfreeagent https://t.co/XZKgAAeo4a


just now

🌹 Charlie Rose 🌹

RT @CharlieeRose3: ⚠️ SALE!!! ⚠️ https://t.co/mdf1ViCecC https://t.co/n9KWFFQTqU


just now