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Bishop 'Occam's Ventilator' Joey (he/him/his)

Not impressed with @DrWicked and the buggered version of #WriteOrDie3 that doesn't work on Linux because of outdated packages.


21 hours ago

Dr Wicked

RT @OnPlumbing1: I get bored of being asked what my plumbing process is. I do wish there was but sadly, there's no secret formula for me to…


1 week ago

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DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

This can be a tricky situation. Here's how I got it to work. #DEVCommunity https://t.co/- eyvNqI1j98


2 hours ago


Our @bini_members will react to" Kapit Lang" MV reaction and comments live on Kumu! Keep your feedback coming!… https://t.co/yjMVaMrLHf


6 days ago

Faheem Khan

Now, run the command- npx create-react-app app_name You can give an app_name of your choice. If you get an error… https://t.co/9zcVgiLKMR


just now

Faheem Khan

A React app is composed of many components. A component basically represents a piece of UI. Once a Component is c… https://t.co/UoYFqwlqBi


just now

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