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eb saldaña

i maintain that write or die was the best writing software ever created, even more than my beloved scrivener, and a… https://t.co/itro6ba9CS


21 hours ago

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Addy Osmani

UberEats saw a 15% decrease in JS bundle size by creating modern and legacy (more transforms & polyfills) bundles f… https://t.co/lFHYdec8SL


1 day ago

𝐇☻𝐁𝐈 𝐃𝐀𝐘 ⁷ 🌙

Two + years den taught me enough about y’all hypocrisy. Leave the woman alone. Some of y’all honestly think u are h… https://t.co/pBoWB8azUo


just now

Martin Brodziansky

RT @james_k_nelson: So Mr. Abramov has been telling us #reactjs is a UI runtime. To me, that sounds like React is a kernel. Webpack/Creat…


just now

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