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Python Software

Django-NYC - August 27, New York, NY: https://t.co/fn3Ta4Qvrx. Talks include Django + Modern Js Frameworks, Buildin… https://t.co/kGL8ZtLTnj


14 hours ago

I'm a Developer

The React Cookbook: Advanced Recipes to Level Up Your Next App ☞ https://t.co/9mjfFYz66D #Rea- ct #Morioh https://t.co/EYMF9dOtNI


just now

joshua adesanya

RT @freeCodeCamp: Anyone who wants to learn React or deepen their knowledge of it should check out this in-depth React tutorial by @JS_Mast…


2 minutes ago

韦石 watson meng01

RT @lisauxd: 最近刷题刷到抑郁.. 不过..推上有人在招前端吗…… 两年- +的经验;主要是技能在react和原生js 有已上线的web app 后端已经从php转成node;java py也可以快速上手 可以马上relocation到东西海岸- 目前人在IL村里已从某大…


23 minutes ago

Javascript Digest

RT @iskishor: Getting Started with React Native in 2019: Build Your First App https://t.co/GTc6MsamVc #reactnative #javascript #programming…


34 minutes ago

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