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The KPI Institute

If you are in Dhaka, Bangladesh, between the 27th - 29th June, The KPI Institute in partnership with Ecademy invite… https://t.co/BIyknqwayq


3 days ago

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Bleacher Report

Chuck gave Malcolm Brogdon $45,000 to build a well for his charity that helps bring clean water to Africa 👏 (via… https://t.co/T0tBriJkCe


1 day ago

Mufti Ismail Menk

Learn not to tell people more than they need to know. This can be difficult but be conscious of the information tha… https://t.co/T8Fyca73qK


1 day ago

Charlie Kirk

Did you know: Justin Amash owns a manufacturing company in China called Dynamic Source International Instead of s… https://t.co/jmHWjaTCqh


4 hours ago

Myia Garcia

When you know what needs to be taken care of, handle yo business. Why should anyone have to tell you what YOU KNOW needs to be done?


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