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Neil Clark

Worth remembering that UK gave £125m of taxpayers’ money to Egypt from 2006-13: Brit dies after Egyptian hospital t… https://t.co/0Qb4YiNdwz


1 day ago

Steven Woolfe MEP

This is truly shocking. Any country that permits this should have its foreign stopped immediately. Secondly, Foreig… https://t.co/klUij2hGqz


2 days ago

Neil Clark

How inhumane. Brit died after Egyptian hospital turns off life support due to unpaid medical bills, inquest hears https://t.co/lUJ5zUPzTC


1 day ago

Henry Strings Egypt

RT @Strings_Egypt: خبر : هنرى و سونى سيظهره فى قناة"جى تى بى سي "على برنامج "شوجر مان 2" هذا الاحد الساعة 10:40 مساء بتوقيت كوريا News : H…


34 minutes ago

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