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Robert and Therese

Modern History’s Biggest Construction Failures TopTenz Videos https://t.co/uTJsFxLEYw https://t.co/XO1LB50tTt


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Top 10 Lists

You Should Really Know These Facts About the Electoral College - https://t.co/kx8PbkTxiA The 1973 children’s educat… https://t.co/vrtziR4bOZ


13 hours ago


weirdest cloud formations - topten https://t.co/hUnx804Hw- m Clouds: Mimata, Angel, Lenticular, Jacques Cousteau https://t.co/HfzJMY6oUr


16 hours ago

Top 10 Lists

Rocket Launches That Went Horribly Wrong - https://t.co/0IdymHviQx Since rockets were first invented, several thous… https://t.co/PjmibsO35X


1 day ago

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James Woods

Amazingly enough the only major news network still devoted to telling the truth is also the highest rated in Americ… https://t.co/hUmImPcBQn


1 day ago


@hawa_xo math > science > history > english


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Tired of Trump’s Lies

RT @rgpoulussen: 1942, North Africa. A Tank Recovery Unit, in action. A Scammell Pioneer tank transporter and a Crusader tank. #WW2 #HISTOR…


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✧ sky, semi ia

RT @TheBoyzPH: [🚨] BREAKING NEWS! THE STEALERS are in town! Instead of goods, the stealers are stealing the hearts and attention of people…


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