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Azharuddin Azhar

Top 10 Evil Historical Figures Too Brutal for History Books #worldbookday https://t.co/cBalYxpKWG via @toptenz


2 hours ago

Christopher Lee Harper

RT @Charpy73: Strange Studie with Unexpected #DoppelgängerResults - https://t.co/8zx84llWQJ https://t.co/Jsz7fY908t Results - https://t.co…


4 hours ago

Nard, The Accursed

Youtubers like computerphile and the guy that has like forty channels that runs biographics/toptenz etc should be j… https://t.co/3lNcUktDSP


15 hours ago

Top 10 Lists

Chewing gum boosts concentration: https://t.co/- WIxtLcmAC5 #brainteaser #ThursdayThoughts #top10 #focused https://t.co/3amxVPxKYp


19 hours ago

Top 10 Lists

No, fingernails don't grow after you die. https://t.co/RXDyPzoy4U- #science #Human #ThursdayThoughts #top10 https://t.co/AlqDWPieDK


22 hours ago

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Jennifer Carroll Foy

When I announced I was running for Governor of Virginia, some said we weren’t ready for a Black woman Governor. The… https://t.co/p1CecXltp6


13 hours ago

President Biden

Congratulations to Vanita Gupta on making history as the first woman of color to serve as Associate Attorney Genera… https://t.co/aLniAfwgxO


1 day ago

Kevan Kenney

.@Louis_Tomlinson has been a top requested artist 37 times, making him one of the most played artist in @MTV… https://t.co/aCExiCJQV7


21 hours ago

mohammed saam sagar

RT @rssurjewala: This is heartbreaking & devastating ! Such Cruel, Inhumane & Criminal negligence of Yediyurappa Govt is unpardonable. No…


just now

David Lightman

Democrats rebuke one of their own over his email on Black death toll in American history @murphindc https://t.co/4iPeUPbGy8


just now

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