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Xavier Sala-i-Martin

Sra ministra, no puede usted decir que no hay dinero EL MISMO DIA QUE LE HA REGALADO 15 MILLONES A LAS TV PRIVADAS!… https://t.co/kHK7RPYIBC


21 hours ago

Donald Trump Jr.

Wow. Seems to go totally contrary to the narrative that she and her main stream media marketing team are runnin wit… https://t.co/eyJmemQLXg


1 day ago

Rex Chapman🏇🏼

People die from opioids in America at a rate of approximately 130 people per day. This epidemic was not generated b… https://t.co/nUQOAGFWIm


12 hours ago


@SeobieYook Digital marketing label meetings plus more we offer services unlike any marketing company on the planet… https://t.co/lS3sTtYTlI


just now

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【THE IDOLM@STER in 富士急ハイランド】コラボレーション情報公開!→→https- ://t.co/5joHUjFXtC #idolmaster https://t.co/CyBXjpyEns


8 hours ago


これは素晴らしい解析ですね。 高齢者を責める意図はありま- せんが、ファクトとして若者はかなり行動を自粛していたようで- す。 … … データ公開してください(ボソッ お- 花見シーズンの上野公園、若者は行動を自粛していた - R… https://t.co/DDIBycsdGV


4 hours ago

Andréia Sadi

1. Bastidor da manhã, no blog no @g1 e na @GloboNews: Mandetta foi surpreendido ontem à noite com contato de médico… https://t.co/3yc6EPuJL9


19 hours ago

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