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Marsha Collier

Here's What Voice Assistant Users Want to Buy Online Consumer electronics, services are popular choices #retail… https://t.co/KVTrFOzm1U


2 days ago

Marsha Collier

Facebook's Feed Change Could Reduce Time Spent on the Platform "It's an outcome the company acknowledges is a real… https://t.co/s0GM4XLzNg


3 days ago

Marsha Collier

Retail Places #Technology Bets for 2018 Many plan to spend more on location-based #marketing and #AI… https://t.co/u3udWxp7Tq


5 days ago

Onestop Internet

Social Media Will Hit Major Milestones in 2018 - eMarketer https://t.co/1PPiJ4khFm @eMarketer https://t.co/Z5GC8GsNGt


1 minute ago

Jose Carlos Reyes

RT @BobSudothis: #AI #DL #ML How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform the Digital Out-of-Home Marketplace - eMarketer https://t.co/aTCKLWa…


1 hour ago

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Jon Lovett

Tucker Carlson’s transition from conservative seriousish writer to blustery CNN guy to Daily Caller troll to race-b… https://t.co/TQxE9y52vB


1 day ago

Charlie Kirk

US women: Account for the majority of business start ups Are graduating college in much higher numbers than men… https://t.co/IFy4QJlto5


4 hours ago

Marianne McWhorter

RT @MatthiasCamenz1: According to preliminary estimates from market research firm Gartner, PC vendors shipped a total of 263 million comput…


just now


RT @majin100: おいおいw⬇️ https://t.co/nwnU8UlY- pP >国際ボブスレー競技連盟が平昌 >で4人乗りボブスレ- ーの南北合同チームを認め >合同訓練を行える方向で検討を行- っている >ところがこれについて韓国の複数のボブスレー関係- 者は「初耳」と口を…


just now

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