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Honey 공부중

RT @dobbyisfreeyo: 대박이다. 틱톡이 미국 내 유튜브 사용시간을 제쳤다고한다. -현재 Z세대의 40%가 하루에 틱톡을 3시간 이상을 사용함 -다른 플랫폼들이 틱톡으로 인해 타격 입음(알파벳, 메타 매출 타격) -올해 틱톡의 광고수익은…


12 hours ago


RT @dobbyisfreeyo: 대박이다. 틱톡이 미국 내 유튜브 사용시간을 제쳤다고한다. -현재 Z세대의 40%가 하루에 틱톡을 3시간 이상을 사용함 -다른 플랫폼들이 틱톡으로 인해 타격 입음(알파벳, 메타 매출 타격) -올해 틱톡의 광고수익은…


13 hours ago

Jing Ye

This article shows 5 facts about email marketing that can be helpful to making marketing strategy. https://t.co/xhA8nI- cyaJ #nyudigmktg


14 hours ago


Learn how to find common ground with identity resolution before the cookie goes away for good. Join eMarketer’s Ana… https://t.co/zRGFxJlLQV


15 hours ago

Insider Intelligence

Thanks to @WSJ for citing our latest data on the US digital ad market. 📊 --- This is a pivotal week for #TikTok. Ou… https://t.co/6f1yYv0Wp8


15 hours ago

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Daily Loud

North Carolina black business owner Angel Pittman owns a mobile hair salon that was destroyed by racism. Her busses… https://t.co/YMm2nTcN7T


1 day ago

Quai Network

With Quai Network, seamless cross-chain communication is the new norm. ⛓️ The ability to swap tokens and share dat… https://t.co/Vw970r20c0


19 hours ago

chart data

#RM and youjeen's "Wild Flower" was up 845% in US digital sales this week. It re-enters the World Digital Song Sales chart top 5.


19 hours ago


RT @HRLAthai: สมาคมนักกฎหมายสิทธิมนุษยชน (HRLA) ร่วมกับเนติบัณฑิตยสภาแห่งสหรั- ฐอเมริกา (ABA) ขอเชิญชวนนักกฎหมาย ทนายความ นักกิจกรรม นักปกป้อ…


just now


@RandomAndCasua1 @Dispropoganda Don't know ...how Wikipedia works 😂 citations. Maybe they don't earn the same in Fr… https://t.co/r8WPIKcNsq


just now

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