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Marsha Collier

Obsessed Much? #Mobile Addiction Is Real #marketing https://t.co/CpmsuvMRWO https://t.co/5SdbEAw82M


2 days ago

Marsha Collier

Will People Still Be Googling in 50 Years from now? (Survey says yes) #marketing https://t.co/3mKWn6Kr2t https://t.co/JkB5evlLso


5 days ago

Bill Wohl

RT @Adriel_S: Concerning stats: Pew Research study: 68% get news from FB and 74% from Twitter. Up from 47% and 52% respectively. https://t.…


26 seconds ago

YYC Media Gal

Listen In: #Canadian #MediaHabits— #Sports, #Tablets and #CordCutting - eMarketer https://t.co/ZXrN4tK9jz via @eMarketer


17 minutes ago

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Scott Dworkin

US tumbles from 1st in ranking of top nations to 6th. Trump & the Republican Party are to blame for this. “Trump’s… https://t.co/7wzgJ61P2A


1 day ago

Arianna Arix

RT @Ermal_Meta_Simo: Le serate passate a seguire le dirette da ogni parte d'Italia, sognare di essere lì e consolarsi con l'idea che presto…


4 seconds ago

Cambia un Destino

Peach. Hembra, talla mediana, 2 años. Es muy juguetona, amorosa y activa. Le asustan los ruidos fuertes. Petco Mir… https://t.co/wEszaqWFU7


4 seconds ago

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