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Yvette Brown

Seeing a split in is cohort: How Younger and Older Millennial Shoppers Differ - eMarketer https://t.co/sYFilj6ego


24 minutes ago

Hank Mondaca

Digital marketers increasingly target online shoppers $17.37 billion this year, up 38.8% from 2019 #mobile… https://t.co/pldnaxxzRl


1 hour ago

Kohei Kurihara -DataPrivacy for Fighting Covid-19-

Check out. The Ad Platform: Recapping Retail Media's Year to Date with Bryan Wiener https://t.co/rC0DCsHu0W #tech… https://t.co/30uk2ngBrZ


1 hour ago

Anamaria West

RT @om_kundu: A:ccelerated #ecommerce growth https://t.co/CMm5XniFC- R + "Slowed reliance on revolving #credit https://t.co/RO0eflxU- 9Z + #Sav…


1 hour ago

YYC Media Gal

#US #DigitalGamers Will Jump by 5.0% in 2020, the Highest Growth Rate Since 2015 https://t.co/YBnj5y6tbO #Gaming


1 hour ago

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KSNV News 3 Las Vegas

ONE WEEK TO ELECTION: Calls grow louder to get special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden business deals https://t.co/EcGiYGRQle


20 hours ago

Ronna McDaniel

Last night, Hunter’s own business partner gave a credible first-hand account of Joe Biden’s pay-to-play scheme with… https://t.co/U4hG6rnxCV


10 hours ago

Kyle Griffin

Breaking: New NYT tax report. Trump's federal income tax records show for the first time that, since 2010, Deutsch… https://t.co/vR8Saha7D7


1 day ago


RT @main_feeling: Keep your family out your business they talk about you too


just now


RT @Madonna_AVinfo: #Madonna ランキング情報‼️✨ ‼️10月30日(金) 10:00 まで‼️ ✨スーパーフレッシュ30%OFFセール第2弾 ✨- 週間 売れ筋 5位(10/21~10/28) 完熟 Madonna史上最も美しいアラフィフ人妻 #甘乃…


just now

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