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Theresa Mey

RT @c4m_r0n1: @Helenhs @JulieAnderson01 Despite not having Aus tax obligations, being an Aus citizenship I still had the protection of the…


2 hours ago


RT @SudanzUprising: The Min of FA, despite the criticism she is facing for her recent interviews, is working hard behind closed doors. OP R…


2 hours ago


@Stephan76458486 @edglasgow59 So you'd have Indy Scotland pay rUK to temporarily use their embassies and consulates… https://t.co/p9rh3GgL9N


5 hours ago

Italian Observer OAS

Interested in internships at Italian Embassies, Consulates and Italian Cultural Institutes abroad? Find out more (I… https://t.co/nMCyYaUnkF


8 hours ago

Wereyculate (Cruise)

All these smellos talking abouting someone leaving abroad have filled more visa forms than job application forms,th… https://t.co/7JbaFQRO9n


10 hours ago

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Cary Elwes

There’s a shortage of perfect movies in this world. It would be a pity to damage this one. https://t.co/5N8Q3P2e5G


20 hours ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

What great news! Shout out to all our non-binary fam in the world, and the activists who’ve worked hard to let us… https://t.co/ipv1466UZF


18 hours ago


Thank you for standing by us. We will continue to keep going forward — propelled by the hopes and dreams of Indians… https://t.co/Z64aoaCjBv


1 day ago


@its_willyu Your thoughts on awkward Asian American teen female superhero here to save the world? LING -… https://t.co/sQtnROZWgm


just now

мαяιι 🦋 X1

RT @k1ngyohans: 🐰: this is how u do it, right? 👧: yes 👧: i'll eat that even if it doesn't have taste 🐰: ah no~ the caption while yohan was…


just now

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