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DIRCO South Africa

▶️ DIRCO, foreign embassies and South African Airways have been working on assisting South Africans stranded abroad… https://t.co/pYDffH1ylD


14 hours ago

Stack Up

We may not always realize that some deployed #Veterans aren't in Iraq or Afghanistan. Some are posted at Embassies… https://t.co/s7X9VGjntL


10 hours ago

Yusuf Abramjee

Many South Africans stuck abroad say they can’t reach the SA embassies or High Commissions. They say calls and emai… https://t.co/UzN4RBHfzr


4 days ago

Victor Onyango

@AtelaPm @BernardMwangi_ Chinese virus? This a debate that may take us the whole day, so I'll deflect. As to wheth… https://t.co/IFVohqqM2F


9 seconds ago

Mohamed Ali

RT @AT_Bajaber: This is disgusting! And of course, the embassy can't be reached, because if we're being honest none of our embassies are h…


13 minutes ago

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Rafi Letzter

We need to build a world where people are physically afraid of the consequences of behaving this way. https://t.co/lCMfNy5mnQ


13 hours ago

Tom Cotton

There will be more—much more—of this as the world turns against China. https://t.co/VKo5bHj5fQ


18 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

Wishing a HAPPY PASSOVER to those celebrating in the United States, Israel, and around the world! https://t.co/83odnD9yvh


1 day ago

Lynn Valentine

RT @jaywhittapoet: Starting on 12 April, a new course written for these strange times - 40 degrees of connection, from Jan Fortune of #Cinn…


just now


@godita_world ドロップさん!いつもありがとうございます❤️✨✨ そういえ- ばカクテル一回作ってくださいましたよね!ルーラが使えたら、- 屋根付き抜けてでもそちらに向かって飲みに行くのに!!(迷惑- ) はい。のんびり休んでとっとと風邪?もどきのやつ治すよう- にします❗


just now

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